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Vim 7.0 added a new feature named **Undo branches**. Basically it's a kind of ability to go back to the text after any change, even if they were undone. Vim stores undo history in a tree which you can browse and manipulate through a bunch of commands. But that was not enough straightforward and a bit hard to use. You may use `:help new-undo-branches` or `:help undo-tree` to get more detailed help.
Now this plug-in will free you from those commands and bring back the power of undo tree.
This script is written purely in Vim script with no additional dependency.
1. Use `:UndotreeToggle` to toggle the undo-tree panel. You may want to map this command to whatever hotkey by adding the following line to your vimrc, take F5 for example.
nnoremap <F5> :UndotreeToggle<cr>
For more details, refer to the github page or within this package.
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