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Version 3.1

Added saved status, relative timestamp and ability of clear undo history.
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@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ Now this plug-in will free you from those commands and bring back the power of u
* The current position is marked as **>seq<**.
* The next change that will be restored by `:redo` or `<ctrl-r>` is marked as **{seq}**, it's the same as *curhead* returned by *undotree()*
* The **[seq]** marks the last change and where further changes will be added, it's the same as *newhead* returned by *undotree()*
+ * Saved changes are marked as **s** and the current change is **S**
1. Revert to a specific change by mouse click or enter key.
1. Hotkey support.
1. Display changes in diff panel.
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