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Version 3.0: Add diff panel. Performance improvement.

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@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ Now this plug-in will free you from those commands and bring back the power of u
* The **[seq]** marks the last change and where further changes will be added, it's the same as *newhead* returned by *undotree()*
1. Revert to a specific change by mouse click or enter key.
1. Hotkey support.
- 1. TODO: Diff between changes.
+ 1. Display changes in diff panel.
### [Download](
@@ -27,6 +27,8 @@ Now this plug-in will free you from those commands and bring back the power of u
1. Then you can try to do some modification, and the undo tree will automatically updated afterwards.
1. There are a bunch of hotkeys provided by vim to switch between the changes in history, like `u`, `<ctrl-r>`, `g+`, `g-` as well as the `:earlier` and `:later` commands.
+ 1. You may also switch to undotree panel and use the hotkeys to switch between history versions. Press `?` in undotree window for quick help of hotkeys.
+ 1. You can monitor the changed text in diff panel which is automatically updated with undotree panel.
1. Persistent undo
* It is highly recommend to enable the persistent undo. If you don't like your working directory be messed up with the undo file everywhere.
@@ -47,6 +49,13 @@ Add the following line to your *vimrc* in order to make them stored together.
### For any Issues
+### Debug
+ 1. Create a file under $HOME with the name `undotree_debug.log`
+ * `$touch ~/undotree_debug.log`
+ 1. Run vim, and the log will automatically be appended to the file, and you may watch it using `tail`:
+ * `$tail -F ~/undotree_debug.log`
+ 1. If you want to disable debug, just delete that file.
### License
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