A Completion function for Unicode glyphs
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This is a mirror of http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=2822

Basically, this plugin serves 3 purposes:

1. Complete Characters

A custom completion function is available to complete characters using their Unicode name or Codepoint. If a digraph exists for that character, it will be displayed in paranthesis. Press Ctrl-X Ctrl-Z to trigger this completion from insert mode. Also a new custom completion for digraph chars is available. Press Ctrl-X Ctrl-G to trigger this completion. It will display all digraphs, that are reachable from the previous typed letter.

2. Identify Characters

The :UnicodeName command can be used to identify the character under the cursor. This works similar to the builtin ga command (in fact, the help also states a possibility to map this command to the ga builtin command), but it also displays the digraph character (if it exists) and the HTML entity.
The :SearchUnicode command can be used to search in the unicode character table to search for a certain unicode character with a given name or value.
The :UnicodeTable can be used to generate an Unicode table, including HTML entity names and Digraph chars. The UnicodeTable will be nicely syntax highlighted.

3. Ease the use of Digraphs

Use the :Digraphs command to search for an digraph with the given name (e.g. :Digraphs copy will display all digraphs that will create a character name which contains copy in its name). You can also search for the decimal value. This plugin also maps the key <F4> that will allow to transform 2 given normal chars into their digraph char.

For a screenshot, see: https://github.com/chrisbra/unicode.vim/blob/master/screencast.gif
Note: the development version of this plugin is available at github: https://github.com/chrisbra/unicode.vim

Here is a short overview of the functionality provided by the plugin:

Ex commands:
    :Digraphs        - Search for specific digraph char
    :SearchUnicode   - Search for specific unicode char
    :UnicodeName     - Identify character under cursor (like ga command)
    :UnicodeTable    - Print Unicode Table in new window
    :DownloadUnicode - Download (or update) Unicode data

Normal mode commands:
    <C-X><C-G>  - Complete Digraph char
    <C-X><C-Z>  - Complete Unicode char
    <F4>        - Combine characters into digraphs

Scripting Functions:
    unicode#FindUnicodeBy() - Find unicode characters
    unicode#FindDigraphBy() - Find Digraph char
    unicode#Digraph()       - Returns digraph char
    unicode#UnicodeName()   - Identifies unicode character (by value)