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CVS/SVN/SVK/git/hg/bzr integration plugin
Latest commit 2fb3268 Apr 12, 2013 @bhiestand bhiestand committed with Version 1.99.47
Re-enable the executable name quoting previously disabled in 1.99.43.  Please let me know if this causes problems.

Handle ignored files in SVN to avoid errors in GetBufferInfo.

Respect VCSCommandEdit setting of 'edit' in 2-argument VCSVimDiff.
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doc Version 1.99.44 Oct 7, 2011
plugin Version 1.99.47 Apr 26, 2013
syntax Version 1.99.42 Nov 13, 2010
README Version 1.52 Nov 13, 2010


This is a mirror of

VIM 7 plugin useful for manipulating files controlled by CVS, SVN, SVK, git, bzr, and hg within VIM, including committing changes and performing diffs using the vimdiff system.  Keywords:  bazaar bzr cvs CVS cvscommand git mercurial hg subversion SVN svk vcscommand

The source for this plugin is available in git at git:// .  A web front end is available at .

Please submit any issues at

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