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This is a mirror of
vikitasks is a distributed todo lists manager. It provides a quick
overview of priority/task lists maintained in several viki files.
Depending on your settings, you can quickly search all "homepages"
of intervikis or search only project-specific files. Buffers
containing task lists are added to the list of vikitasks. There is
also an option to view a list of current tasks on startup.
- Collect tasks from viki's priority lists (see |viki-tasks|)
- Sort those tasks
- Browse tasks with a given date
- Optionally browse all tasks (incl. those without a date)
Let's say you have the files:
foo.txt: >
* Foo
#A 2009-12-13 Do this
#C 2009-12-20 :call @Anna What was it she wanted to tell me?
#A Whatever
bar.txt: >
* Bar
#C 2009-12-24 :call @Bernie Wish him good luck
#D 2009-11-01 Do that
Let's assume you have added both files to |g:vikitasks#files|. Switch to
the buffer foo.txt and call >
and you get the following list: >
Bar.txt|2| #D 2009-11-01 Do that
Foo.txt|2| #A 2009-12-13 Do this
Foo.txt|3| #C 2009-12-20 Call @Anna
Bar.txt|3| #C 2009-12-24 Wish @Bernie good luck
If you do/had done this on the 15 December 2009, the third line would be
highlighted, i.e. the entries above the cursor refer to passed/missed
events. If you had called :VikiTasks! (behold the bang), then the
"Whatever" entry would have been included in the list too.
If you had called >
:VikiTasks current
only the first two items would be listed.
This week's tasks (i.e. the tasks that should be accomplished today or
within the following six days) could be listed with >
:VikiTasks 6
Also available via git