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" @Author: Tom Link (micathom AT gmail com?subject=[vim])
" @Website:
" @GIT:
" @License: GPL (see
" @Created: 2009-12-13.
" @Last Change: 2014-02-05.
" @Revision: 316
" GetLatestVimScripts: 2894 0 :AutoInstall: vikitasks.vim
" Search for task lists and display them in a list
scriptencoding utf-8
if !exists('g:loaded_tlib') || g:loaded_tlib < 113
runtime plugin/02tlib.vim
if !exists('g:loaded_tlib') || g:loaded_tlib < 113
echoerr 'tlib >= 1.13 is required'
if !exists('g:loaded_trag') || g:loaded_trag < 102
runtime plugin/trag.vim
if !exists('g:loaded_trag') || g:loaded_trag < 102
echoerr 'trag >= 0.102 is required'
if &cp || exists("g:loaded_vikitasks")
let g:loaded_vikitasks = 101
let s:save_cpo = &cpo
set cpo&vim
" Show alarms on pending tasks.
" If 0, don't display alarms for pending tasks.
" If n > 0, display alarms for pending tasks or tasks with a deadline in n
" days.
" A useful value (for your |vimrc|) is: >
" let g:vikitasks_startup_alarms = (!has('clientserver') || len(split(serverlist(), '\n')) <= 1) && argc() == 0
" This will display alarms when running the first instance of gvim
" without arguments.
TLet g:vikitasks_startup_alarms = 0
" Scan a buffer on these events.
TLet g:vikitasks_scan_events = 'BufWritePost,BufWinEnter'
" A list of filename patterns (see 'wildcards') for files that should
" automatically on events specified in |g:vikitasks_scan_events|.
TLet g:vikitasks_scan_patterns = ['*.txt', '*.viki']
" :display: :VikiTasks[!] [CONSTRAINT] [PATTERN] [FILE_PATTERNS]
" CONSTRAINT defined which tasks should be displayed. Possible values
" for CONSTRAINT are:
" today ... Show tasks that are due today
" current ... Show pending and today's tasks
" NUMBER (of days) ... Show tasks that are due within N days
" Nd ... Tasks for the next N days
" Nw ... Tasks for the next N weeks (i.e. 7 days)
" Nm ... Tasks for the next N months (i.e. 31 days)
" week ... Tasks for the next week (i.e. 7 days)
" month ... Tasks for the next month (i.e. 31 days)
" . ... Show some tasks (see |g:vikitasks#rx_letters|
" and |g:vikitasks#rx_levels|)
" * ... Show all tasks
" The default value for CONSTRAINT is ".".
" If N is prepended with + (e.g. "+2w"), tasks with a deadline in the
" past are hidden.
" If N is prepended with - (e.g. "-2w"), only tasks with a deadline in
" the past (in this example in the last two weeks) are shown. This
" implies showing all tasks as with "*".
" If CONSTRAINT doesn't match one of the constraints described above, it
" is assumed to be a PATTERN -- see also |viki-tasks|.
" The |regexp| PATTERN is prepended with |\<| if it seems to be a word.
" The PATTERN is made case sensitive if it contains an upper-case letter
" and if 'smartcase' is true. Only tasks matching the PATTERN will be
" listed. Use "." to match any task.
" With the optional !, all files are rescanned. Otherwise cached
" information is used. Either scan all known files (|interviki|s and
" pages registered via |:VikiTasksAdd|) or files matching FILE_PATTERNS.
" The current buffer has to be a viki buffer. If it isn't, your
" |g:vikiHomePage|, which must be set, is opened first.
" Examples:
" Show all cached tasks with a date: >
" :VikiTasks
" < Rescan files and show all tasks: >
" :VikiTasks!
" < Show all cached tasks for today: >
" :VikiTasks today
" < Show all current cached tasks (today or with a deadline in the
" past) in a specified list of files: >
" :VikiTasks current Notes*.txt
command! -bang -nargs=* -bar VikiTasks call vikitasks#Tasks(vikitasks#GetArgs(!empty("<bang>"), [<f-args>]), 0)
" The same as |:VikiTasks| but the tasks list doesn't take the focus.
command! -bang -nargs=* -bar VikiTasksStatic call vikitasks#Tasks(vikitasks#GetArgs(!empty("<bang>"), [<f-args>]), 1)
" cabbr vikitasks VikiTasks
" :display: :VikiTasksPaste[!] [ARGUMENTS...]
" Paste the results of a VIKITASKSCOMMAND (default: VikiTasks) in a
" buffer. When called with a |bang| [!], create a new buffer. See
" |:VikiTasks| for the allowed ARGUMENTS.
command! -bang -nargs=* -bar VikiTasksPaste call vikitasks#Paste(empty("<bang>") ? '' : 'VikiTasksPaste', vikitasks#GetArgs(0, [<f-args>]))
" :display: :[count]VikiTasksAlarms
" Display a list of alarms. Shows alarms due within N days.
" If N is -1, uses |g:vikitasks#alarms| if any.
command! -count -bang -bar VikiTasksAlarms call vikitasks#Alarm(<count>, empty('<bang>'))
" :display: :VikiTasksAdd
" Add the current buffer to |g:vikitasks#files|.
command! VikiTasksAdd call vikitasks#AddBuffer(expand('%:p'))
" Mark a task as done (see |vikitasks#ItemMarkDone()|).
command! -count=0 -bar VikiTasksDone call vikitasks#ItemMarkDone(<count>)
" Archive final (see |g:vikitasks#final_categories|) tasks.
command! -bar VikiTasksArchive call vikitasks#ItemArchiveFinal()
" :display: :VikiEditTasksFiles
" Edit |g:vikitasks#files|. This allows you to remove buffers from the
" list.
command! -bar VikiEditTasksFiles call vikitasks#EditFiles()
" :display: :VikiTasksFiles
" Edit a file monitored by vikitasks.
command! -bar VikiTasksFiles call vikitasks#ListTaskFiles()
" :display: :[count]VikiTasksDueInDays [DAYS=0]
" Mark [count] task(s) as due in N days.
command! -bar -range -nargs=? VikiTasksDueInDays <line1>,<line2>call vikitasks#ItemMarkDueInDays(0, 0 + <q-args>)
" :display: :[count]VikiTasksDueInDays [WEEKS=1]
" Mark [count] task(s) as due in N weeks.
command! -bar -range -nargs=? VikiTasksDueInWeeks <line1>,<line2>call vikitasks#ItemMarkDueInWeeks(0, empty(<q-args>) ? 1 : 0 + <q-args>)
augroup VikiTasks
" TLogVAR g:vikitasks_startup_alarms, has('vim_starting')
if g:vikitasks_startup_alarms
if has('vim_starting')
autocmd VimEnter * call vikitasks#Alarm()
call vikitasks#Alarm()
if !empty(g:vikitasks_scan_events)
for s:pattern in g:vikitasks_scan_patterns
" exec 'autocmd' g:vikitasks_scan_events s:pattern 'if exists("b:vikiEnabled") && b:vikiEnabled | call vikitasks#ScanCurrentBuffer(expand("<afile>:p")) | endif'
exec 'autocmd' g:vikitasks_scan_events s:pattern 'call vikitasks#ScanCurrentBuffer(expand("<afile>:p"))'
unlet g:vikitasks_startup_alarms g:vikitasks_scan_events s:pattern
augroup END
let &cpo = s:save_cpo
unlet s:save_cpo
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