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Django Vim

Django vim wraps the and will allow vim to work with your project.


DjangoAdmin will run any command through the command.

DjangoManage will run the management command for the project

DjangoProjectActivate will activate the project. This will go through your g:django_projects and find all the django projects. It will also set up DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE in your environment and the directory where the settings file is stored in your PYTHONPATH.

DjangoCreateApp will create a new app under your projects base. It will autocomplete the path. It just needs is a python path such as, colinbits.apps.new_app this will be created in the folder colinbits, apps, then run the to create the app there.




g:django_projects is where your django projects are located.


I recommend using pathogen or vundle to install this script. Else, you can put the django.vim in the plug-ins directory. This script does require python to be compiled in.

Screen shots

Mangement Command


  • Working with virtualenv's
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