Adds a SQLWorksheet type interface to Oracle SQL*Plus
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This is a mirror of

This small hack requires Tcl to be compiled into your
copy of Vim.

The default settings will allow this hack to work on
the default SQL*Plus temp file, afiedt.buf, only.

To use simply highlight the query you would like to
run and press Enter.  You should drop back down to
SQL*Plus.  Do the usual '/' and your good to go.

Have not tried this hack with PL/SQL or multiple
Query's but I cannot see why it won't work, or why it
would for that matter.

1) :wq causes an error message about writing the file.
   Safe to ignore but would be nice to get rid of this.

2) No checks to make sure you have highlighted a valid
   Query.  Hence all hell breaks loose if you don't.

3) You *HAVE* to have a trailing ';' on your Query for
   this hack to work.  Would be nice if you didn't have
   to have that.  Would also be nice if you could run
   a group of statements.