Commits on Sep 28, 2013
  1. Version 0.4.0

    richard emberson committed with vim-scripts Aug 25, 2013
    Big change was the addition of the ActWin (Action Window) which
    is now the default window for both compiler errors (via Ensime or
    SBT) and the uses-of-symbol-at-point command. Very configurable.
    The quickfix window can still be use if desired via configuration.
    Now Vimside supports either initialization with the Option files
    'options_user.vim' and a project specific options file (and/) or
    with Properties file '' and a project specific
    properties file. See the 'data/vimside/PROPERTIES' file for
    available Properties (or, changing '.' to '-', Options).
    Also, bumped (after a long time, the version number.
Commits on Apr 1, 2013
  1. Version 0.2.23

    richard emberson committed with vim-scripts Mar 24, 2013
    With this release, variable at bottom of the plugin/vimside.vim file
    have been added which allows one to turn on logging during Vimside Option
    loading. For the Vimside logger, Options must first be loaded
    in order to configure it. Thus, no logging when loading Options.
    So, I added a non-configurable logger that only logs in the
    vimside#options#manager.vim file. Hopefully, this will help
    users figure out whats happening during option loading.
    Also, two Options have been removed, test-ensime-file-use and
    test-ensime-file-dir; they might have been useful when there was only
    one "test" project under data/vimside not not now.
    I knew that the SExp parser was a "quick and dirty" implementation, what
    I had not realized was that it was really "slow and dirty"; with the
    type inspector feature, getting the symbol-at-point info for String
    took 65 seconds to parse. So, the SExp parse was re-written so that now
    it takes a little over 8 seconds - still long but much better.
    Modified the ensime/scheduler.vim Job adding code so that while processing
    the current Jobs list, any add is saved in a separate list (like any remove)
    and only at the end of processing are the adds, if any, are done. This
    fixed a bug in the hover code. Also in scheduler.vim, because the result for
    symbol-at-point for String was so large (a String of length 110K), all of
    it was not read from the socket during a single read. This was fixed so
    that partial reads resulted in a second (and third) read to get the
    rest of the protocol message.
    In the type-inspector window, a ":q" now does what "q" does, it closes
    the window. Also, changed current page name from "s:page" to "s:current_page"
    to mirror the current inspector's name. Also, the current_page is now
    only generated if it does not exist (speeding up history previous/next
    For certain symbols, symbol-at-point requests to the Ensime server backend
    would cause it to generate scala-notes event messages and the reception of
    these events would cause the between server polling times to be increase -
    which was bad since one is still waiting for the rpc response. This was
    fixed by check if there are any outstanding rpc's prior to adjusting
    polling time.
    Added a couple of newly implemented features to the Forms popup menu.
    Added a couple of newly implemented features to the Forms popup menu.
    Updated where one could download the pre-build images of Ensime.
    Fixed example to use the latest pre-build Ensime version numbers:
    ensime_2.9.2- and ensime_2.10.0-
    Communications with the server is now both asynchronous and synchronous.
    Generally, asynchronous will still be used for standard communication
    while synchronous is used for unit tests. Maybe, in time, some of the
    commands will be synchronous - maybe configurable via Options.
    Added unit tests.
    Tests require and
  2. Version 0.2.21: Type and Package Inspector

    richard emberson committed with vim-scripts Mar 14, 2013
Commits on Feb 22, 2013
Commits on Jan 5, 2013
  1. Version 0.2.14

    richard emberson committed with vim-scripts Jan 1, 2013
    Implemented method vimside#ensime#swank#handle_no_response() which is call
    by vimside#ensime#io#ping(timeout) when the response from the Ensime server
    is empty which uses the previous checkin's Options
        scheduler-many-max-count-no-events (default 50)
        scheduler-events-max-count-no-events (default 50)
    to ultimately restore the schedule to a "not expecting anything/steady" state
    (a long time between pings). This simply assures that if there is some
    bug in handling responses from the server, a fast ping rate will
    ultimately stop and the system returned to steady-state.
  2. Version 0.2.13

    richard emberson committed with vim-scripts Dec 31, 2012
    Added Build and Rebuild project commands.
    Re-wrote how the swank dispatch and scheduling code handle events.
    Replaced the scheduling Options with a new set of Options.
  3. Version 0.2.12

    richard emberson committed with vim-scripts Dec 9, 2012
    Added Imports (add/suggest) Refactoring command.
    Fixed Search command interaction with Time-base scheduler.
    Fixed Search display of entered text prior to calling Ensime.
    Fixed Search command result sorting.
    Search now non-incremental by default.
    Add Search Option allowing the setting for number of results:
    Fixed Ensime config so that indexing is allowed on startup by default.
    Upgraded doc and example configs for Ensime Scala 2.10-RC3 build.
  4. Version 0.2.11: Add Refactor Options to validate allowed/disallow ide…

    richard emberson committed with vim-scripts Dec 4, 2012
    …ntifier names.
  5. Version 0.2.10

    richard emberson committed with vim-scripts Dec 3, 2012
    Add pathogen install instructions.
  6. Version 0.2.9

    richard emberson committed with vim-scripts Dec 2, 2012
    Added refactoring commands.
    Changed key mapping for vimside#command#SymbolAtPoint() and vimside#command#PreviousPosition().
    Made the test source code so that there are no compile errors.
Commits on Nov 30, 2012
  1. Version 0.2.8: First pre-alpha code release.

    richard emberson committed with vim-scripts Nov 29, 2012
  2. Version 0.2: Initial upload

    richard emberson committed with vim-scripts Oct 28, 2012