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Version 0.9.7

* NEW: Default checkbox symbols are changed to [ ], [.], [o], [O], [X].
  You can change them using |g:vimwiki-listsyms| variable.
* NEW: Color group names are renamed from wikiBold, wikiItalic, etc to
  VimwikiBold, VimwikiItalic, etc.
* NEW: Open external links in a browser. There are default browsers
  defined in |g:vimwiki_browsers| list. You can also redefine
  |VimwikiWeblinkHandler| function to open weblinks in other programs.
* NEW: Issue 25: Toggle the states of multiple TODO list items at a time
  (in VISUAL and in VISUAL LINE modes)
* NEW: Issue 26: Highlight code snippets in vimwiki's pre. See
  |vimwiki-option-nested_syntaxes|. Thanks kriomant.
* NEW: Issue 27: Automatic garbage deletion from html directory.
* NEW: Save all open vimwiki buffers before export to html.
* NEW: Issue 29: Custom :Search command.
* NEW: Header text objects are now expandable in VISUAL mode. Tap 'vah' to
  select a header. Tap again 'ah' to expand selection further. Thanks
  Andy Wokula.
* FIX: Folding settings are reset to vim defaults in a new tab (think of
  \wt) so you cannot hide things in folds.
* FIX: https links in form of [] are not exported
  into html. Thanks Saurabh Sarpal for the patch.
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