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Version 0.9.2b

I was playing with python and vimball archives -- as a result CRLFs in a recent vba file. Anyway I hope those evil CRLFs in the past.

  * FIX: Installation on Linux doesn't work. (Dos line endings in Vimball archive file).
  * FIX: Clear out FlexWiki ftplugin's setup. Now you don't have to hack filetype.vim to get rid of unexpected ':setlocal bomb' from FlexWiki's ftplugin.
  * FIX: When write done: it will show another done: in html file.
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1 parent c6553d4 commit 0dfdf146e29a43b5eb477aa023437ab2797cab3c @habamax habamax committed with May 5, 2009
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