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Version 0.9.1

  * [new] HTML Table cell text alignment, see :h vimwiki-syntax-tables.
  * [new] Wikipage history simplified. Each vimwiki buffer now holds b:vimwiki_prev_word which is list of [PrevWord, getpos()].
  * [new] If highlight for groups wikiHeader1..wikiHeader6 exist (defined in a colorscheme) -- use it. Otherwise use Title highlight for all Headers.
  * [fix] Warn only once if 'html_header' or 'html_footer' does not exist.
  * [fix] Wrong folding for the text after the last nested list item.
  * [fix] Bold and Italic aren't highlighted in tables without spaces between || and * or _. ||*bold*||_asdf_ || (Thanks Brett Stahlman)
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1 parent c9c4b84 commit 15603267db18d115241aa3180a5140b6122c191f @habamax habamax committed with Apr 12, 2009
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