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Version 0.8

NOTE: g:vimwiki_home is obsolete now!!!
  * NEW Multiple wikies support. A lot of options have been changed, see :h vimwiki-options
  * NEW Auto create directories.
  * NEW Checked list item highlighted as comment.
  * FIX Multiple set ft=vimwiki for each buffer disabled. Vimwiki should load its buffers a bit faster now.
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habamax authored and vim-scripts committed Mar 5, 2009
1 parent 39b278b commit 2b9b4221a111b78e125292e90fdbc6028b802378
Showing with 992 additions and 824 deletions.
  1. +992 −824 vimwiki_0_7_1.vba → vimwiki_0_8.vba
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