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Version 0.9.6

* NEW: You can have multiline list items. See |vimwiki-syntax-lists|.
* NEW: You can ignore newlines in multiline list items when do export to
  html. See |g:vimwiki_list_ignore_newline| option.
* NEW: Different checkbox symbols [.], [:], [o] are added. See
* NEW: Now there is no longer syntax of preformatted text that is started
  by a whitespace.
* NEW: Blockquotes. See |vimwiki-syntax-blockquote|.
* NEW: Per wiki folding option (vimwiki-option-folding) is removed. Global
  |g:vimwiki_folding| and |g:vimwiki_fold_lists| are added.
* NEW: Due to being quite slow folding of list items is off by default.
  Use |g:vimwiki_fold_lists| to turn it on.
* NEW: If you want replace some symbols in a wikifilename use
  |g:vimwiki_badsyms| option (Andreas Baldeau).
* FIX: Command |:VimwikiToggleListItem| doesn't work for one of the two
  wikies opened at the same time with different syntaxes.
* FIX: Command |:VimwikiToggleListItem| do not switch parent checkboxes if
  there are non-checkbox list items available.
* FIX: Issue 24: Link error in html when write [[one.two.three]].
* FIX: Rename WikiWord to something with a colon (:) does nasty things.
* FIX: Command |:VimwikiToggleListItem| do not switch right if there are
  list items without checkboxes in the list.
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