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Version 0.9.2

  * NEW: Option 'folding' added to turn folding on/off.
  * NEW: Header text object. See :h vimwiki-text-objects.
  * NEW: Add/remove Header levels with '=' and '-'. See :h vimwiki_=.
  * NEW: Vimwiki GUI menu to select available wikies. See :h g:vimwiki_menu.
  * NEW: You can specify the name of your css file now. See :h vimwiki-option-css_name
  * NEW: You can add styles to image links, see :h vimwiki-syntax-links.
  * FIX: History doesn't work after :VimwikiRenameWord.
  * FIX: Some of wikipedia links are not correctly highlighted. Links with parentheses.
  * MISC: Renamed vimwiki_gtd to vimwiki_lst.
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commit 5c19d9a4840a7f39dd0fabbdf2f5818f58dce03f 1 parent 1560326
@habamax habamax authored committed
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  1. +3,377 −3,130 vimwiki_0_9_1.vba → vimwiki_0_9_2.vba
6,507 vimwiki_0_9_1.vba → vimwiki_0_9_2.vba
3,377 additions, 3,130 deletions not shown
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