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Version 1.2

= Note =
Remove previous version of vimwiki before install - files in autoload dir is moved/renamed to autoload/vimwiki dir.

= Changelog =
* Issue 70: Table spanning cell support.
* Issue 72: Do not convert again for unchanged file. |:VimwikiAll2HTML|
  converts only changed wiki files.
* Issue 117: |VimwikiDiaryIndex| command that opens diary index wiki page.
* Issue 120: Links in headers are not highlighted in vimwiki but are
  highlighted in HTML.
* Issue 138: Added possibility to remap table-column move bindings. See
  |:VimwikiTableMoveColumnLeft| and |:VimwikiTableMoveColumnRight|
  commands. For remap instructions see |vimwiki_<A-Left>|
  and |vimwiki_<A-Right>|.
* Issue 125: Problem with 'o' command given while at the of the file.
* Issue 131: FileType is not set up when GUIEnter autocommand is used in
  vimrc. Use 'nested' in 'au GUIEnter * nested VimwikiIndex'
* Issue 132: Link to perl (or any non-wiki) file in vimwiki subdirectory
  doesn't work as intended.
* Issue 135: %title and %toc used together cause TOC to appear in an
  unexpected place in HTML.
* Issue 139: |:VimwikiTabnewLink| command is added.
* Fix of g:vimwiki_stripsym = '' (i.e. an empty string) -- it removes bad
  symbols from filenames.
* Issue 145: With modeline 'set ft=vimwiki' links are not correctly
  highlighted when open wiki files.
* Issue 146: Filetype difficulty with ".txt" as a vimwiki extension.
* Issue 148: There are no mailto links.
* Issue 151: Use location list instead of quickfix list for :VimwikiSearch
  command result. Use :lopen instead of :copen, :lnext instead of :cnext
* Issue 152: Add the list of HTML files that would not be deleted after
* Issue 153: Delete HTML files that has no corresponding wiki ones with
* Issue 156: Add multiple HTML templates. See
  |vimwiki-option-template_path|. Options html_header and html_footer are
  no longer exist.
* Issue 173: When virtualedit=all option is enabled the 'o' command behave
* Issue 178: Problem with alike wikie's paths.
* Issue 182: Browser command does not quote url.
* Issue 183: Spelling error highlighting is not possible with nested
* Issue 184: Wrong foldlevel in some cases.
* Issue 195: Page renaming issue.
* Issue 196: vim: modeline bug -- syn=vim doesn't work.
* Issue 199: Generated HTML for sublists is invalid.
* Issue 200: Generated HTML for todo lists does not show completion status
  the fix relies on CSS, thus your old stylesheets need to be updated!;
  may not work in obsolete browsers or font-deficient systems.
* Issue 205: Block code: highlighting differs from processing. Inline code
  block {{{ ... }}} is removed. Use `...` instead.
* Issue 208: Default highlight colors are problematic in many
  colorschemes. Headers are highlighted as |hl-Title| by default, use
  |g:vimwiki_hl_headers| to restore previous default Red, Green, Blue or
  custom header colors. Some other changes in highlighting.
* Issue 209: Wild comments slow down html generation. Comments are
  changed, use %% to comment out entire line.
* Issue 210: HTML: para enclose header.
* Issue 214: External links containing Chinese characters get trimmed.
* Issue 218: Command to generate HTML file and open it in webbrowser. See
  |:Vimwiki2HTMLBrowse|(bind to <leader>whh)
* NEW: Added <Leader>wh mapping to call |:Vimwiki2HTML|
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1 parent 78ee713 commit 84297c90516c40df5c6e224930c3bd92a8046efd @habamax habamax committed with Jun 11, 2011
@@ -5,8 +5,7 @@ A Personal Wiki For Vim Plugin
Screenshots are available on
There are also zipped vimwiki files there in case you do not like vimball archives.
-Vimwiki quick reference card by J.A.J. Pater.
-Thx Gager Jacob for the update.
+Vimwiki quick reference card
@@ -42,8 +41,8 @@ Feed it with the following example:
* ScratchPad -- various temporary stuff.
-Notice that ProjectGutenberg, MyUrgentTasks and ScratchPad highlighted as
-errors. These are links in CamelCase form that do not exists yet. (CamelCase
+Notice that !ProjectGutenberg, !MyUrgentTasks and !ScratchPad curly underlined.
+These are links in CamelCase form that do not exists yet. (CamelCase
form -- capitalized word connected with other capitalized words)
Place cursor on ProjectGutenberg and press <Enter>. Now you are in
Oops, something went wrong. Retry.

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