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Version 0.9.5

  * NEW: Added g:vimwiki_global_ext to control creation of temporary wikies in a dirs that are not listed in g:vimwiki_list.
  * NEW: Added g:vimwiki_hl_headers to highlight headers with different predefined colors.
  * NEW: Checked [x] items are not highlighted with Comment syntax group by default. Use g:vimwiki_hl_cb_checked to turn it on.
  * NEW: Added new syntax for links: [[link address][link description]].
  * NEW: Added <C-@> allias of <C-Space> mapping for *nix systems.
  * NEW: Added g:vimwiki_camel_case. Set it to 0 if you do not want CamelCased WikiWords to be linkified.
  * FIX: Links with g:viwmiki_stripsym (default '_') [[My_Link|Text]] are not highlighted when created.
  * FIX: indent/vimwiki.vim is obsolete. If you upgrade from previous versions remove it. It causes wrong list indentation if noexpandtab is set.
  * FIX: If tabs and spaces are used to indent list items html export gives error. Thanks Klaus Ethgen for report.
  * FIX: Some html export fixes.
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habamax authored and vim-scripts committed Sep 16, 2009
1 parent 98e3497 commit 8b78ba52f995905017b0e35f2e2803bbb8c7641d
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