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Version 0.9.4

  * NEW: Links with directories: [[dir_name/Link|Text]]. Thanks Jie Wu.
  * NEW: Added %root_path% template variable to get relative root dir of path_html. See vimwiki-option-html_header.
  * FIX: Indent incorrect for vim without "float" compile option. Thanks Julian Kooij.
  * FIX: Convert to html doesn't work right with links like [[foo::bar]].
  * FIX: Rename wikiword doesn't work right when rename WikiWord to [[WikiWord blablabla]].
  * FIX: Renaming of links with description doesn't work.
  * FIX: Weblinks with commas are not highlighted.
  * MISC: Some changes in default css file.
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1 parent 9db5feb commit 98e34978f52d28804d79310902d12944384a4399 @habamax habamax committed with Jul 28, 2009
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