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Version 0.5.2

    * NEW: Added :VimwikiGoHome, :VimwikiTabGoHome and :VimwikiExploreHome commands.
    * NEW: Added <Leader>wt mapping to open vimwiki index file in a new tab.
    * NEW: Added g:vimwiki_gohome option that controls how :VimwikiGoHome works when current buffer is changed. (Thanks Timur Zaripov)
    * FIX: Fixed :VimwikiRenameWord. Very bad behaviour when autochdir isn't set up.
    * FIX: Fixed commands :Wiki2HTML and :WikiAll2HTML to be available only for vimwiki buffers.
    * FIX: Renamed :Wiki2HTML and :WikiAll2HTML to :Vimwiki2HTML and :VimwikiAll2HTML commands.
    * FIX: Help file corrections.
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