Commits on Apr 26, 2013
  1. @habamax

    Version 2.1

        * Concealing of links can be turned off - set |g:vimwiki_url_maxsave| to 0.
          The option g:vimwiki_url_mingain was removed
        * |g:vimwiki_folding| also accepts value 'list'; with 'expr' both sections
          and code blocks folded, g:vimwiki_fold_lists option was removed
        * Issue 261: Syntax folding is back. |g:vimwiki_folding| values are
          changed to '', 'expr', 'syntax'.
        * Issue 372: Ignore case in g:vimwiki_valid_html_tags
        * Issue 374: Make autowriteall local to vimwiki. It is not 100% local
        * Issue 384: Custom_wiki2html script now receives templating arguments
        * Issue 393: Custom_wiki2html script path can contain tilde character
        * Issue 392: Custom_wiki2html arguments are quoted, e.g names with spaces
        * Various small bug fixes.
    habamax committed with Apr 14, 2013
Commits on Aug 8, 2012
  1. @habamax

    Version 2.0.1.stu

      * Follow (i.e. open target of) markdown reference-style links.
      * Bug fixes.
    habamax committed with Jul 7, 2012
Commits on Jun 9, 2012
  1. @habamax

    Version 2.0.stu

    This release is partly incompatible with 1.2.
    You should delete previous version of vimwiki before install.
    = Summary =
        * Quick page-link creation.
        * Redesign of link syntaxes (!)
            * No more CamelCase links. Check the ways to convert them
            * No more [[link][desc]] links.
            * No more [http://link description] links.
            * No more plain image links. Use transclusions.
            * No more image links identified by extension. Use transclusions.
        * Interwiki links.
        * Link schemes.
        * Transclusions.
        * Normalize link command.
        * Improved diary organization and generation.
        * List manipulation.
        * Markdown support.
        * Mathjax support.
        * Improved handling of special characters and punctuation in filenames and urls.
        * Back links command: list links referring to the current page.
        * Highlighting nonexisted links are off by default.
        * Table syntax change. Row separator uses | instead of +.
        * Fold multilined list items.
        * Custom wiki to HTML converters.
        * Conceal long weblinks.
        * Option to disable table mappings.
    For detailed information see issues list on
    habamax committed with Jun 7, 2012
Commits on Jun 23, 2011
  1. @habamax

    Version 1.2

    = Note =
    Remove previous version of vimwiki before install - files in autoload dir is moved/renamed to autoload/vimwiki dir.
    = Changelog =
    * Issue 70: Table spanning cell support.
    * Issue 72: Do not convert again for unchanged file. |:VimwikiAll2HTML|
      converts only changed wiki files.
    * Issue 117: |VimwikiDiaryIndex| command that opens diary index wiki page.
    * Issue 120: Links in headers are not highlighted in vimwiki but are
      highlighted in HTML.
    * Issue 138: Added possibility to remap table-column move bindings. See
      |:VimwikiTableMoveColumnLeft| and |:VimwikiTableMoveColumnRight|
      commands. For remap instructions see |vimwiki_<A-Left>|
      and |vimwiki_<A-Right>|.
    * Issue 125: Problem with 'o' command given while at the of the file.
    * Issue 131: FileType is not set up when GUIEnter autocommand is used in
      vimrc. Use 'nested' in 'au GUIEnter * nested VimwikiIndex'
    * Issue 132: Link to perl (or any non-wiki) file in vimwiki subdirectory
      doesn't work as intended.
    * Issue 135: %title and %toc used together cause TOC to appear in an
      unexpected place in HTML.
    * Issue 139: |:VimwikiTabnewLink| command is added.
    * Fix of g:vimwiki_stripsym = '' (i.e. an empty string) -- it removes bad
      symbols from filenames.
    * Issue 145: With modeline 'set ft=vimwiki' links are not correctly
      highlighted when open wiki files.
    * Issue 146: Filetype difficulty with ".txt" as a vimwiki extension.
    * Issue 148: There are no mailto links.
    * Issue 151: Use location list instead of quickfix list for :VimwikiSearch
      command result. Use :lopen instead of :copen, :lnext instead of :cnext
    * Issue 152: Add the list of HTML files that would not be deleted after
    * Issue 153: Delete HTML files that has no corresponding wiki ones with
    * Issue 156: Add multiple HTML templates. See
      |vimwiki-option-template_path|. Options html_header and html_footer are
      no longer exist.
    * Issue 173: When virtualedit=all option is enabled the 'o' command behave
    * Issue 178: Problem with alike wikie's paths.
    * Issue 182: Browser command does not quote url.
    * Issue 183: Spelling error highlighting is not possible with nested
    * Issue 184: Wrong foldlevel in some cases.
    * Issue 195: Page renaming issue.
    * Issue 196: vim: modeline bug -- syn=vim doesn't work.
    * Issue 199: Generated HTML for sublists is invalid.
    * Issue 200: Generated HTML for todo lists does not show completion status
      the fix relies on CSS, thus your old stylesheets need to be updated!;
      may not work in obsolete browsers or font-deficient systems.
    * Issue 205: Block code: highlighting differs from processing. Inline code
      block {{{ ... }}} is removed. Use `...` instead.
    * Issue 208: Default highlight colors are problematic in many
      colorschemes. Headers are highlighted as |hl-Title| by default, use
      |g:vimwiki_hl_headers| to restore previous default Red, Green, Blue or
      custom header colors. Some other changes in highlighting.
    * Issue 209: Wild comments slow down html generation. Comments are
      changed, use %% to comment out entire line.
    * Issue 210: HTML: para enclose header.
    * Issue 214: External links containing Chinese characters get trimmed.
    * Issue 218: Command to generate HTML file and open it in webbrowser. See
      |:Vimwiki2HTMLBrowse|(bind to <leader>whh)
    * NEW: Added <Leader>wh mapping to call |:Vimwiki2HTML|
    habamax committed with Jun 11, 2011
Commits on Oct 18, 2010
  1. @habamax

    Version 1.1.1

    Follow up bugfix release.
    * FIX: Issue 122: Dot character in vimwiki's directory path isn't escaped.
    * FIX: Issue 123: Where is Vimwiki2HTML and other commands? Sometimes filetype is not set up to vimwiki.
    * FIX: Issue 124: Highlight group not found: Normal
    habamax committed with Sep 3, 2010
  2. @habamax

    Version 1.1

    * NEW: Issue 57: Make it possible to have pre block inside list item.
    * NEW: Issue 82: Add quick goto command. See |:VimwikiGoto|.
    * NEW: Issue 83: Quick switch in diary. See |:VimwikiDiaryNextDay| and
      |:VimwikiDiaryPrevDay| commands.
    * FIX: Issue 84: Vimwiki rename removed the WikiWord display name.
    * FIX: Issue 85: Errors if you have '~' subdirectory in a wiki directory.
    * FIX: Issue 86: Existed links '[[WikiLink1|Alias1]] | [[WikiLink2]]' are
      highlighted as a single link.
    * FIX: Issue 88: Underline text. See |g:vimwiki_valid_html_tags|.
    * FIX: Issue 92: Wikies in a subdir could be renamed to an empty file.
    * FIX: Issue 93: Use alias name in html title. See |vimwiki-title|.
    * FIX: Issue 94: Relative links to PHP files are broken. See
      |g:vimwiki_file_exts| for details.
    * FIX: Issue 96: Closing bracket at the end of weblink shouldn't be a part
      of that link.
    * FIX: Issue 97: Error opening weblink in a browser if it has # inside.
    * FIX: Issue 99: Vim is not responing while opening arbitrary wiki file.
    * FIX: Issue 100: Additional content on diary index page could be
    * NEW: Issue 101: Customized HTML tags. See |g:vimwiki_valid_html_tags|
    * NEW: Issue 102: Conceal feature usage. See |g:vimwiki_conceallevel|.
    * FIX: Issue 103: Always highlight links to non-wiki files as existed.
    * FIX: Issue 104: vimwiki#nested_syntax needs 'keepend' to avoid contained
      language syntax eat needed '}}}'.
    * FIX: Issue 105: <i_CR> on a todo list item with [ ] doesn't create new
      todo list item.
    * FIX: Issue 106: With MediaWiki syntax <C-Space> on a child todo list
      item produce errors.
    * FIX: Issue 107: With MediaWiki syntax <C-Space> on a list item creates
      todo list item without space between * and [ ].
    * FIX: Issue 110: Syntax highlighting doesn't work for indented codeblock.
    * FIX: Issue 115: Nested Perl syntax highlighting differs from regular
    * MISC: Many vimwiki commands were renamed from Vimwiki.*Word to
      Vimwiki.*Link. VimwikiGoHome is renamed to VimwikiIndex,
      VimwikiTabGoHome to VimwikiTabIndex.
    * MISC: vimwiki-option-gohome is removed.
    habamax committed with Aug 24, 2010
  3. @habamax

    Version 1.0

    * NEW: Issue 41: Table cell and column text objects. See `vimwiki-text-objects`.
    * NEW: Issue 42: Commands to move table columns left and right. See `:VimwikiTableMoveColumnLeft` and `:VimwikiTableMoveColumnRight`.
    * NEW: Issue 44: `<S-Tab>` should move cursor to the previous table cell.
    * NEW: Issue 45: It should be possible to indent tables. Indented tables are centered in html.
    * NEW: Issue 46: Do not htmlize some wiki pages (blacklist). New placeholder is added: `%nohtml`. See `vimwiki-nohtml`.
    * FIX: Issue 47: Lists aren't HTMLized properly.
    * FIX: Issue 48: With autochdir it is impossible to have path_html such as `d:\vimwiki\html\`
    * FIX: Issue 49: Table is not HTMLized properly at the end of wiki page.
    * FIX: Issue 50: Inline formatting is not performed in table cells.
    * FIX: Issue 51: Cannot insert '-' (minus) into table cells of the first column.
    * FIX: Issue 52: Table cell width is incorrect when double wide characters are used (ie. Chinese). Check `g:vimwiki_CJK_length`.
    * NEW: Issue 53: Wiki markup can not nested. (Use links and inline markup in Headers).
    * NEW: Issue 54: Highlight for placeholders.
    * NEW: Issue 56: Directory indexes. See `g:vimwiki_dir_link` option and `:VimwikiGenerateLinks` command.
    * NEW: Issue 58: Html new lines with `<br />`. Could be inserted with `<S-CR>` in insert mode.
    * FIX: Issue 59: List item's text can't be started from `*`.
    * NEW: Issue 60: Links inside completed gtd-items.
    * NEW: Issue 61: Headers numbering. See `g:vimwiki_html_header_numbering` and `g:vimwiki_html_header_numbering_sym` options.
    * FIX: Issue 63: Table cannot have leading empty cells in html.
    * FIX: Issue 65: Table separator is not htmlized right if on top of the table.
    * FIX: Issue 66: Table empty cells are very small in html.
    * FIX: Issue 67: Wrong html conversion of multilined list item with bold text on the start of next line.
    * FIX: Issue 68: auto-indent problem with langmap.
    * FIX: Issue 73: Link navigation by Tab. "Escaped" wiki-word should be skipped for navigation with `<tab>`.
    * FIX: Issue 75: `code` syntax doesn't display correctly in toc.
    * FIX: Issue 77: Diary index only showing link to today's diary entry file for extensions other than '.wiki'.
    * FIX: Issue 79: Further calendar.vim integration -- add sign to calendar date if it has corresponding diary page.
    * FIX: Issue 80: Debian Lenny GUI Vim 7.2 has problems with toggling inner todo list items.
    * FIX: Issue 81: Don't convert `WikiWord` as a link in html when `let g:vimwiki_camel_case = 0`
    habamax committed with May 12, 2010
  4. @habamax

    Version 0.9.9

    * NEW: Diary. Help in making daily notes. See ':h vimwiki-diary'. Now you
      can really easy add information into vimwiki that should be sorted out
    * NEW: Tables are redesigned. Syntax is changed. Now they are
      auto-formattable. You can navigate them with <tab> and <cr> in insert
      mode. See 'vimwiki-syntax-tables' and 'vimwiki-tables' for more details.
    * NEW: Keyword STARTED: is added.
    * NEW: Words TODO:, DONE:, STARTED:, XXX:, FIXME:, FIXED: are highlighed
      inside headers.
    * FIX: Export to html external links with 'file://' protocol. Ex:
      '[file:///home/user1/book.pdf my book]'.
    * FIX: Menu is corrupted if wiki's path contains spaces.
    * FIX: Settings 'wrap' and 'linebreak' are removed from ftplugin. Add them
      into your personal settings file '.vim/after/ftplugin/vimwiki.vim' if
    * NEW: Headers are highlighted in different colors by default.  See ':h
      g:vimwiki_hl_headers' to turn it off.
    * FIX: Issue 40: Links with russian subdirs don't work.
    * NEW: It is now possible to generate HTML files automatically on page
      save. See ':h vimwiki-option-auto_export'.
    habamax committed with Feb 23, 2010
  5. @habamax
  6. @habamax

    Version 0.9.8

    * NEW: Rename g:vimwiki_fold_empty_lines to g:vimwiki_fold_trailing_empty_lines.
    * NEW: One can use - along with * to start unordered list item.
    * NEW: List items could be started from the first column.  As a result some
      limitations appeared:
        * a space after *, - or # for a list item is mandatory.
        * g:vimwiki_fold_trailing_empty_lines if set to 0 folds one trailing
          empty line.
    * NEW: Folding is off by default. Use g:vimwiki_folding to enable it.
    * NEW: Speed up vimwiki's folding a bit. Should lag a bit less in a long todo lists.
    * NEW: Centered headers. Start header with at least one space to make it html centered.
    * NEW: Change in default css: header's colors.
    * NEW: Vimwiki is aware of GetLatestVimScripts now.
    * FIX: Use <del> tag instead of custom <span class="strike"> in html.
    * FIX: There are no text styling in htmlized quoted text.
    * FIX: set default value of g:vimwiki_fold_lists to 0 as written in this help.
    * FIX: Issue 33: Folded list items have wrong indentation when 'tabs' are used.
    * FIX: Issue 34: vimwiki#subdir got wrong dir when VimwikiGet('path') is a
      symbolic link. Thanks lilydjwg for the patch.
    * FIX: Issue 28: todo-list auto-indent enhancement. New item should always be unchecked.
    * FIX: Issue 36: Change the name of the :Search command to :VimwikiSearch
      as it conflicts with MultipleSearch. Alias :VWS is also available.
    * NEW: You can generate 'Table of contents' of your wiki page. See :h vimwiki-toc for details.
    habamax committed with Jan 20, 2010
  7. @habamax

    Version 0.9.701

    * FIX: Issue 30: Highlighting doesn't work for checked list item.
    habamax committed with Dec 11, 2009
  8. @habamax

    Version 0.9.7

    * NEW: Default checkbox symbols are changed to [ ], [.], [o], [O], [X].
      You can change them using |g:vimwiki-listsyms| variable.
    * NEW: Color group names are renamed from wikiBold, wikiItalic, etc to
      VimwikiBold, VimwikiItalic, etc.
    * NEW: Open external links in a browser. There are default browsers
      defined in |g:vimwiki_browsers| list. You can also redefine
      |VimwikiWeblinkHandler| function to open weblinks in other programs.
    * NEW: Issue 25: Toggle the states of multiple TODO list items at a time
      (in VISUAL and in VISUAL LINE modes)
    * NEW: Issue 26: Highlight code snippets in vimwiki's pre. See
      |vimwiki-option-nested_syntaxes|. Thanks kriomant.
    * NEW: Issue 27: Automatic garbage deletion from html directory.
    * NEW: Save all open vimwiki buffers before export to html.
    * NEW: Issue 29: Custom :Search command.
    * NEW: Header text objects are now expandable in VISUAL mode. Tap 'vah' to
      select a header. Tap again 'ah' to expand selection further. Thanks
      Andy Wokula.
    * FIX: Folding settings are reset to vim defaults in a new tab (think of
      \wt) so you cannot hide things in folds.
    * FIX: https links in form of [] are not exported
      into html. Thanks Saurabh Sarpal for the patch.
    habamax committed with Dec 9, 2009
  9. @habamax

    Version 0.9.6

    * NEW: You can have multiline list items. See |vimwiki-syntax-lists|.
    * NEW: You can ignore newlines in multiline list items when do export to
      html. See |g:vimwiki_list_ignore_newline| option.
    * NEW: Different checkbox symbols [.], [:], [o] are added. See
    * NEW: Now there is no longer syntax of preformatted text that is started
      by a whitespace.
    * NEW: Blockquotes. See |vimwiki-syntax-blockquote|.
    * NEW: Per wiki folding option (vimwiki-option-folding) is removed. Global
      |g:vimwiki_folding| and |g:vimwiki_fold_lists| are added.
    * NEW: Due to being quite slow folding of list items is off by default.
      Use |g:vimwiki_fold_lists| to turn it on.
    * NEW: If you want replace some symbols in a wikifilename use
      |g:vimwiki_badsyms| option (Andreas Baldeau).
    * FIX: Command |:VimwikiToggleListItem| doesn't work for one of the two
      wikies opened at the same time with different syntaxes.
    * FIX: Command |:VimwikiToggleListItem| do not switch parent checkboxes if
      there are non-checkbox list items available.
    * FIX: Issue 24: Link error in html when write [[one.two.three]].
    * FIX: Rename WikiWord to something with a colon (:) does nasty things.
    * FIX: Command |:VimwikiToggleListItem| do not switch right if there are
      list items without checkboxes in the list.
    habamax committed with Oct 22, 2009
  10. @habamax

    Version 0.9.5

      * NEW: Added g:vimwiki_global_ext to control creation of temporary wikies in a dirs that are not listed in g:vimwiki_list.
      * NEW: Added g:vimwiki_hl_headers to highlight headers with different predefined colors.
      * NEW: Checked [x] items are not highlighted with Comment syntax group by default. Use g:vimwiki_hl_cb_checked to turn it on.
      * NEW: Added new syntax for links: [[link address][link description]].
      * NEW: Added <C-@> allias of <C-Space> mapping for *nix systems.
      * NEW: Added g:vimwiki_camel_case. Set it to 0 if you do not want CamelCased WikiWords to be linkified.
      * FIX: Links with g:viwmiki_stripsym (default '_') [[My_Link|Text]] are not highlighted when created.
      * FIX: indent/vimwiki.vim is obsolete. If you upgrade from previous versions remove it. It causes wrong list indentation if noexpandtab is set.
      * FIX: If tabs and spaces are used to indent list items html export gives error. Thanks Klaus Ethgen for report.
      * FIX: Some html export fixes.
    habamax committed with Sep 16, 2009
  11. @habamax

    Version 0.9.4

      * NEW: Links with directories: [[dir_name/Link|Text]]. Thanks Jie Wu.
      * NEW: Added %root_path% template variable to get relative root dir of path_html. See vimwiki-option-html_header.
      * FIX: Indent incorrect for vim without "float" compile option. Thanks Julian Kooij.
      * FIX: Convert to html doesn't work right with links like [[foo::bar]].
      * FIX: Rename wikiword doesn't work right when rename WikiWord to [[WikiWord blablabla]].
      * FIX: Renaming of links with description doesn't work.
      * FIX: Weblinks with commas are not highlighted.
      * MISC: Some changes in default css file.
    habamax committed with Jul 28, 2009
  12. @habamax

    Version 0.9.3

      * NEW: g:vimwiki_menu option is a string which is menu path. So one can use let g:vimwiki_menu = 'Plugin.Vimwiki' to set the menu to the right place.
      * NEW: g:vimwiki_fold_empty_lines -- don't or do fold in empty lines between headers. See :h g:vimwiki_fold_empty_lines
      * FIX: Encoding error when running vimwiki in Windows XP Japanese.  Thanks KarasAya.
    habamax committed with Jun 12, 2009
  13. @habamax
  14. @habamax

    Version 0.9.2b

    I was playing with python and vimball archives -- as a result CRLFs in a recent vba file. Anyway I hope those evil CRLFs in the past.
      * FIX: Installation on Linux doesn't work. (Dos line endings in Vimball archive file).
      * FIX: Clear out FlexWiki ftplugin's setup. Now you don't have to hack filetype.vim to get rid of unexpected ':setlocal bomb' from FlexWiki's ftplugin.
      * FIX: When write done: it will show another done: in html file.
    habamax committed with May 5, 2009
  15. @habamax
  16. @habamax

    Version 0.9.2

      * NEW: Option 'folding' added to turn folding on/off.
      * NEW: Header text object. See :h vimwiki-text-objects.
      * NEW: Add/remove Header levels with '=' and '-'. See :h vimwiki_=.
      * NEW: Vimwiki GUI menu to select available wikies. See :h g:vimwiki_menu.
      * NEW: You can specify the name of your css file now. See :h vimwiki-option-css_name
      * NEW: You can add styles to image links, see :h vimwiki-syntax-links.
      * FIX: History doesn't work after :VimwikiRenameWord.
      * FIX: Some of wikipedia links are not correctly highlighted. Links with parentheses.
      * MISC: Renamed vimwiki_gtd to vimwiki_lst.
    habamax committed with May 2, 2009
  17. @habamax

    Version 0.9.1

      * [new] HTML Table cell text alignment, see :h vimwiki-syntax-tables.
      * [new] Wikipage history simplified. Each vimwiki buffer now holds b:vimwiki_prev_word which is list of [PrevWord, getpos()].
      * [new] If highlight for groups wikiHeader1..wikiHeader6 exist (defined in a colorscheme) -- use it. Otherwise use Title highlight for all Headers.
      * [fix] Warn only once if 'html_header' or 'html_footer' does not exist.
      * [fix] Wrong folding for the text after the last nested list item.
      * [fix] Bold and Italic aren't highlighted in tables without spaces between || and * or _. ||*bold*||_asdf_ || (Thanks Brett Stahlman)
    habamax committed with Apr 12, 2009
  18. @habamax

    Version 0.9

      * [new] You can add classes to 'pre' tag -- :h vimwiki-syntax-preformatted. This might be useful for coloring some programming code with external js tools like google syntax highlighter.
      * [new] !WikiPage is not highlighted. It is just a plain word WikiPage in HTML, without exclamation mark
      * [new] Definition lists, see :h vimwiki-syntax-lists.
      * [new] New implementation of :h VimwikiRenameWord. CAUTION: It was tested on 2 computers only, backup your wiki before use it. Email me if it doesn't work for you.
      * [new] HTML: convert [ ] to html checkboxes.
      * [new] Default CSS: gray out checked items.
      * [fix] Less than 3 characters are not highlighted in Bold and Italic.
      * [fix] Added vimwiki autocmd group to avoid clashes with user defined autocmds.
      * [fix] Pressing ESC while :h :VimwikiUISelect opens current wiki index file.  Should cancel wiki selection.
    habamax committed with Mar 30, 2009
  19. @habamax

    Version 0.8.3

      * [new] <C-Space> on a list item creates checkbox.
      * [fix] With * in the first column, <CR> shouldn't insert more * (default syntax).
      * [fix] With MediaWiki's ** [ ], <CR> should insert it on the next line.
      * [fix] HTML export should use 'fileencoding' instead of 'encoding'.
      * [fix] Code cleanup.
    habamax committed with Mar 19, 2009
  20. @habamax

    Version 0.8.2

      * [del] Removed google syntax file.
      * [new] Default vimwiki syntax is a subset of google's one. Header's has been changed from !Header to =Header=. It is easier to maintain only 2 syntaxes. See :h vimwiki-syntax-headers.
      * [new] Multiline paragraphs -- less longlines.
      * [new] Comments. See :h vimwiki-syntax-comments.
      * [del] Removed setlocal textwidth = 0 from ftplugin.
      * [fix] New regexps for bold, italic, bolditalic.
      * [fix] The last item in List sometimes fold-in incorrectly.
      * [fix] Minor tweaks on default css.
    habamax committed with Mar 14, 2009
  21. @habamax

    Version 0.8.1

      * [new] Vimwiki's foldmethod changed from syntax to expr. Foldtext is changed to be nicer with folded list items.
      * [new] Fold/outline list items.
      * [new] It is possible now to edit wiki files in arbitrary directories which is not in g:vimwiki_list's paths. New WikiWords are created in the path of the current WikiWord.
      * [new] User can remap Vimwiki's built in mappings.
      * [new] Added g:vimwiki_use_mouse. It is off by default.
      * [fix] Removed <C-h> mapping.
    habamax committed with Mar 11, 2009
  22. @habamax

    Version 0.8

    NOTE: g:vimwiki_home is obsolete now!!!
      * NEW Multiple wikies support. A lot of options have been changed, see :h vimwiki-options
      * NEW Auto create directories.
      * NEW Checked list item highlighted as comment.
      * FIX Multiple set ft=vimwiki for each buffer disabled. Vimwiki should load its buffers a bit faster now.
    habamax committed with Mar 5, 2009
  23. @habamax

    Version 0.7.1

    * NEW: <Plug>VimwikiToggleListItem added to be able to remap <C-Space> to anything user prefers more.
    * FIX: Toggleable list items do not work with MediaWiki markup.
    * FIX: Changing g:vimwiki_home_html to path with ~ while vimwiki is loaded gives errors for HTML export.
    * DEL: Command :VimwikiExploreHome.
    habamax committed with Feb 28, 2009
  24. @habamax

    Version 0.7

     * NEW: GTD stuff -- toggleable list items. See h: vimwiki-gtd.
     * FIX: Headers do not fold inner headers. (Thanks Brett Stahlman)
     * FIX: Remove last blank lines from preformatted text at the end of file (HTML).
     * DEL: Removed g:vimwiki_smartCR option.
    habamax committed with Feb 23, 2009
  25. @habamax

    Version 0.6.2

        * NEW: [[link|description]] is available now.
        * FIX: Barebone links (ie: get extra escaping of ? and friends so they become invalid in HTML.
        * FIX: In linux going to [[wiki with whitespaces]] and then pressing BS to go back to prev wikipage produce error. (Thanks Brendon Bensel for the fix)
        * FIX: Remove setlocal encoding and fileformat from vimwiki ftplugin.
        * FIX: Some tweaks on default style.css
    habamax committed with Feb 15, 2009
  26. @habamax

    Version 0.6.1

        * FIX: [blablabla bla] shouldn't be converted to a link.
        * FIX: Remove extra annoing empty strings from PRE tag made from
          whitespaces in HTML export.
        * FIX: Moved functions related to HTML converting to new autoload module
          to increase a bit vimwiki startup time.
    habamax committed with Feb 8, 2009
  27. @habamax

    Version 0.6

     * NEW: Header and footer templates. See g:vimwiki_html_header and g:vimwiki_html_footer in help.
     * FIX: :Vimwiki2HTML does not recognize ~ as part of a valid path.
    habamax committed with Feb 4, 2009
  28. @habamax

    Version 0.5.3

    * FIX: Fixed :VimwikiRenameWord. Error when g:vimwiki_home had whitespaces in path.
    * FIX: :VimwikiSplitWord and :VimwikiVSplitWord didn't work.
    habamax committed with Jan 20, 2009
  29. @habamax

    Version 0.5.2

        * NEW: Added :VimwikiGoHome, :VimwikiTabGoHome and :VimwikiExploreHome commands.
        * NEW: Added <Leader>wt mapping to open vimwiki index file in a new tab.
        * NEW: Added g:vimwiki_gohome option that controls how :VimwikiGoHome works when current buffer is changed. (Thanks Timur Zaripov)
        * FIX: Fixed :VimwikiRenameWord. Very bad behaviour when autochdir isn't set up.
        * FIX: Fixed commands :Wiki2HTML and :WikiAll2HTML to be available only for vimwiki buffers.
        * FIX: Renamed :Wiki2HTML and :WikiAll2HTML to :Vimwiki2HTML and :VimwikiAll2HTML commands.
        * FIX: Help file corrections.
    habamax committed with Jan 19, 2009
  30. @habamax

    Version 0.5.1

      * [new] Help is created.
      * [new] Now you can fold headers.
      * [new] <Plug>VimwikiGoHome and <Plug>VimwikiExploreHome were added.
      * [fix] Bug with {{{HelloWikiWord}}} export to HTML is fixed.
      * [del] Sync option removed from: Syntax highlighting for preformatted text  {{{ }}}.
    habamax committed with Dec 3, 2008
  31. @habamax

    Version 0.5

      * DONE: vimwiki default markup to HTML conversion improved.
      * DONE: Added basic `GoogleWiki` and `MediaWiki` markup languages.
      * DONE: Chinese `[[complex wiki words]]`.
    habamax committed with Sep 15, 2008