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Expands the current window when focused to the size you last gave it.
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This is a mirror of

== New version: tries to automatically keep up without whatever layout changes
you make, by storing an unfocused and focused size for each window. ==

Explanation: Whenever you leave a window, it remembers what size it was, and
whenever you enter a window, it remembers what size it was before entering.
Thus it records "focused" and "unfocused" sizes for each window, and it will
try to grow/shrink windows on entering/leaving, to match the recorded value.

Note: This system is not perfect, specifically when adding a new window
(changing the layout) it makes no attempt to redistribute the space, so
other windows will act greedily until they are adjusted.

Solution: The best approach appears to be, as soon as your layout breaks in
some way, fix it immediately with 20<C-W>+ or whatever, to minimize the
damage (before the new broken values get recorded).  This is a small overhead
for the user, in exchange for the benefit gained with a fixed number of windows.

If you want to start afresh you can :call ForgetWindowSizes() and then Ctrl-=.


New feature: Set a default height for newly split windows, as percentage of
the size of the original window.  Without it Vim usually splits 50-50.

let g:wrs_default_height_pct = 90

We "detect" when a split is about to occur by mapping <Ctrl-W>s and :h
below.  You may want to add more mappings for other splitting actions.
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