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" == New version: tries to automatically keep up without whatever layout changes
" you make, by storing an unfocused and focused size for each window. ==
" Explanation: Whenever you leave a window, it remembers what size it was, and
" whenever you enter a window, it remembers what size it was before entering.
" Thus it records "focused" and "unfocused" sizes for each window, and it will
" try to grow/shrink windows on entering/leaving, to match the recorded value.
" Warning: This system is not perfect, specifically when opening a new window
" (changing the layout) it has no strategy and will often squash the new
" window when it is unfocused (because other windows remember their old sizes,
" so don't leave any space for the new window).
" Solution: The best approach appears to be, as soon as your layout breaks in
" some way, fix it immediately with 20<C-W>+ or whatever, to minimize the
" damage (before the new broken values get recorded). This is a small work
" overhead for the user, which he must exchange for the beneficial features of
" this script!
" Options:
" New feature: Set a default height for newly split windows, as percentage of
" the size of the original window. Without it Vim usually splits 50-50.
"let g:wrs_default_height_pct = 90
" We "detect" when a split is about to occur by mapping <Ctrl-W>s and :h
" below. You may want to add more mappings for other splitting actions.
"let g:wrsDebug = 1
function! s:InitEvents()
augroup WindowsRememberSizes
autocmd WinLeave * call <SID>Leaving()
autocmd WinEnter * call <SID>Entering()
augroup END
function! s:Debug(msg)
if exists('g:wrsDebug') && g:wrsDebug > 0
echo a:msg
function! s:Leaving()
" Avoid trashing remembered sizes when toggle_maximize.vim script is in use
if (exists("g:isToggledVertically") && g:isToggledVertically) || (exists("g:isToggledHorizontally") && g:isToggledHorizontally)
let w:heightWhenFocused = winheight(0)
let w:widthWhenFocused = winwidth(0)
call s:Debug( "[exit] ".bufname('%')." saved foc ".w:widthWhenFocused.",".w:heightWhenFocused )
if exists('w:heightWhenUnfocused') && w:heightWhenUnfocused < winheight(0)
call s:Debug( "[exit] ".bufname('%')." setting ".w:widthWhenUnfocused."x".w:heightWhenUnfocused )
exec "resize ".w:heightWhenUnfocused
if exists('w:widthWhenUnfocused') && w:widthWhenUnfocused < winwidth(0)
exec "vert resize ".w:widthWhenUnfocused
if s:weAreAboutToSplit
if exists("g:wrs_default_height_pct")
let w:heightWhenFocused = w:heightWhenFocused * 2 * g:wrs_default_height_pct / 100
let s:heightOfLastWindowWeLeft = winheight(0)
function! s:Entering()
" Avoid trashing remembered sizes when toggle_maximize.vim script is in use
if (exists("g:isToggledVertically") && g:isToggledVertically) || (exists("g:isToggledHorizontally") && g:isToggledHorizontally)
let w:heightWhenUnfocused = winheight(0)
let w:widthWhenUnfocused = winwidth(0)
call s:Debug( "[enter] ".bufname('%')." saved unf ".w:widthWhenUnfocused.",".w:heightWhenUnfocused )
if s:weAreAboutToSplit
" We don't do this on things like MBE
"if exists("g:wrs_default_height_pct") && (&buftype!="nofile" || &bufhidden=="")
if exists("g:wrs_default_height_pct") && &buftype!="nofile"
let w:heightWhenFocused = s:heightOfLastWindowWeLeft * 2 * g:wrs_default_height_pct / 100
let w:widthWhenFocused = winwidth(0) " Silly workaround to prevent the Debug call from breaking :P
let s:weAreAboutToSplit = 0
if exists('w:heightWhenFocused') && w:heightWhenFocused > winheight(0)
call s:Debug( "[enter] ".bufname('%')." restoring ".w:widthWhenFocused."x".w:heightWhenFocused )
exec "resize ".w:heightWhenFocused
if exists('w:widthWhenFocused') && w:widthWhenFocused > winwidth(0)
exec "vert resize ".w:widthWhenFocused
call s:InitEvents()
" Detect when we are about to split window vertically
let s:weAreAboutToSplit = 0
function s:WeAreAboutToSplit()
let s:weAreAboutToSplit = 1
nnoremap <C-w>s :call <SID>WeAreAboutToSplit()<CR><C-w>s
"nnoremap <C-w>s :call <SID>WeAreAboutToSplit()<CR>:split<CR>
nnoremap :h<Space> :call <SID>WeAreAboutToSplit()<CR>:h<Space>
nnoremap :help<Space> :call <SID>WeAreAboutToSplit()<CR>:help<Space>
" Exposed to user
function! ForgetWindowSizes()
let l:winnr = winnr()
"" PROBLEM: windo will cause Leave and Enter events to fire! Solved - we temporarily clear the events.
"" Oh Perhaps noautocmd is the better solution to that.
augroup WindowsRememberSizes
augroup END
noautocmd windo silent! exec "unlet! w:widthWhenFocused"
noautocmd windo silent! exec "unlet! w:widthWhenUnfocused"
noautocmd windo silent! exec "unlet! w:heightWhenFocused"
noautocmd windo silent! exec "unlet! w:heightWhenUnfocused"
exec l:winnr." wincmd w"
call s:InitEvents()
" Some keybinds, entirely optional
" NOTE: copied from older version below
nmap <silent> Om <C-W>-
nmap <silent> Ok <C-W>+
nmap <silent> Oo <C-W><
nmap <silent> Oj <C-W>>
nnoremap <silent> <C-kMinus> <C-W>-
nnoremap <silent> <C-kPlus> <C-W>+
nnoremap <silent> <C-kDivide> <C-W><
nnoremap <silent> <C-kMultiply> <C-W>>
" When we add a new window to the list, e.g. TagList, when switching to it, the old unfocused size of the previous window from the *old* layout is applied.
" I think we need to forget some things when layout changes? Forget all unfocused sizes?
" Or perhaps when a new window enters the layout, we should quickly grab its dimensions and set those as its focused and unfocused size?
" OK I like this version a lot now. With the exception of the major bugs, which is when new windows are made, sometimes a window will end up 0 height or 0 width.
" When we are thinking of restoring or saving values, we could check the number of windows (or even their names) to see if any change has occured.
" New windows should be encouraged to take 50% of the space I guess, as per Vim's default.
" Perhaps what we should do is have window remember their relative size rather than their actual size. Would this be a percentage, or a ratio?
" Then what do we do when a new window is created? Shrink them all by 10%? Shrink them intelligently?
" TODO: We need :ForgetWidths and :ForgetHeights and :ForgetSizes to disable
" autocmds, so we really can visit every window and forget their w:settings.
" It would be pretty handy sometimes, when the display looks right on this
" window, but old settings are causing trouble on others.
" TODO: Do something useful on VimResized event, for example scale all
" remembered sizes proportional to size change, and scale all open windows
" too! Actually NO to the last bit, and no to scaling TList/MBE/FileExplorer!
" Vim often does what I want to achieve when I enlarge the window, it makes
" the current window grow whilst others stay the same. Actually TList always
" stays the same width whether it is current window or not. The only issue is
" height - if the current window is below another then it grows, but if it is
" above another then it doesn't!