A windows style IDE for Vim 6.0
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This is a mirror of http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=95

winmanager: A classical windows type environment for vim6.0 

Snapshot                 : http://robotics.eecs.berkeley.edu/~srinath/vim/snapshot2.JPG 
Detailed Instructions : http://robotics.eecs.berkeley.edu/~srinath/vim/winmanager.htm 
Upates                    : http://robotics.eecs.berkeley.edu/~srinath/vim/winmanager-2.0.htm 

winmanager is a plugin which implements a classical windows type IDE in Vim-6.0. Basically, you have the directory tree
and the buffer list as 2 windows which stay on the left and the editing is done in a seperate area on the left. People
have already made excellent File and Buffer explorers seperately and I thought that it might be a cool idea to combine
them both.  winmanager.vim combines the standard File Explorer which ships with Vim6.0 and a Buffer Explorer written by
Jeff Lanzarotta into one package.  It has the following features: 

1. the buffer listing is dynamic: i.e as you keep changing windows, editing new files, etc, the buffer list changes
dynamically. the window also resizes dynamically, i.e it tries to occupy the minimum possible space to display all the
currently listed windows. also, only the filename (i.e without path) is displayed in this window. however, the full path
name is echoed on the command line as one moves around. 

2. the file explorer window doesn't actually edit a directory. Its a new empty file with modifiable off, etc. so that it
doesnt eat up buffer numbers as you roam around the directory tree. I found the original behaviour slightly annoying...
Also, I didnt find a way to change drives i.e go from c:/ to h:/ in the original explorer.vim. therefore i have added a
tiny new mapping 'C' which changes the currently displayed directory to pwd.