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XP's Snippet Template engine for vim
Vim script
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This is a mirror of

Code snippets engine for Vim, with snippets library.
XPTemplate let you write codes in a smooth, quick and comfortable way.

=======================   Usage   =======================

vim xpt.c
// Type  "for<C-\>" :
for (i = 0; i < len; ++i) {
   /* cursor */
Press <tab>,<tab>.. to navigate through "i", "0", "len". Cursor will finally stops at "/* cursor */".

=======================   Features   =======================

* Live update while typing
* Navigate forward and backward. <Tab> and <S-Tab>
* Embed language support like JAVASCRIPT in HTML. Or HTML in PHP
* Wrapper
* Smart indent
* Spacing and line-break of snippet can be easily changed to fit your coding style
* Pop up menu friendly

=======================   Resources   =======================

Screencast : 0.3.9 :;

Get From SVN:;
Get From GIT(/dist ): git://;
Project Home :;
Discuss, Bug report, Feature request :;
Follow me:;

*** Troubleshoot / supertab support / bracket complete / other question ***

=======================   Compatibilities   =======================

Supported platform:  Linux, WinXP, // [g]vim 7.2
Supported Language:  ada c cabal cpp cs css dot erlang gitconfig gnuplot haskell html java javascript lex lua make ocaml perl php ps1 python r ruby(eruby) scheme sh tcl tex vim xml xpt xslt yacc

**Bundles: c_autoimplem cpp_autoimplem javascript_jquery

Special Thanks to ^0^ : 
Christian.Coutinho  Vincent Berthoux  Fabio  Simon Ruderich
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