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This plugin makes search in tags more convenient. It holds query and search result in one buffer for faster jump to desired tag.
Source code is also available on bitbucket:
Command :YATE toggles visibility of search buffer which will be closed after tag was selected.
Command :YATEStationary toggles visibility of search buffer which will not be closed after tag is selected, instead cursor remains in YATE buffer to allow select another tag.
Parameter g:YATE_window_height sets height of search buffer. Default = 15.
Parameter g:YATE_strip_long_paths enables(1)/disables(0) cutting of long file paths. Default = 1.
Parameter g:YATE_enable_real_time_search enables(1)/disables(0) as-you-type search. Default = 1.
Parameter g:YATE_min_symbols_to_search sets search string length threshold after which as-you-type search will start. Default = 4.
Parameter g:YATE_max_matches_to_show sets the maximum number of matches to display. If it's negative than all lines will be shown. Default = -1.
Parameter g:YATE_history_size sets the maximum number of stored search queries in history. Default = 10.
Parameter g:YATE_clear_search_string controls clearing of search string on next YATE buffer invocation. Default = 1.
To get list of matching tags set cursor on string containing expression
to search (in YATE buffer) then press <Tab> or <Enter>, never mind if
you are in normal or insert mode.
To open tag location set cursor on string with desired tag and
press <Enter> or double click left mouse button on this string,
never mind if you are in normal or insert mode.
To open tag in new tab press <Ctrl-Enter>, in new horizontal
splitted buffer <Shift-Enter>, in new vertical splitted buffer <Ctrl-Shift-Enter>.
To get queries history press <Ctrl-H> in insert or normal mode in
search string. Autocompletion using history also works by <Ctrl-X><Ctrl-U>.
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