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I wrote a scala language plugin for syntastic.

All the best,

scrooloose added a commit that referenced this pull request Feb 21, 2012

@scrooloose scrooloose merged commit d09c330 into vim-syntastic:master Feb 21, 2012

devth commented Feb 25, 2012

awesome, thanks @rickeyski

Always complains about

package com.whatever.blah //illegal start of definition

because it's using the interpreter and not the compiler

dreki commented Aug 22, 2012

Second @vsviridov's complaint. Very annoying.

Actually, I'm trying to write a plugin that would use sbt.
But I'm kinda new to both scala and vim script. So it's taking a while.

I made an edit to the scala syntax checker on my machine, which i pushed here...

I'm not really sure if this is worth pushing, that command line argument doesn't seem to be well documented.

Also I think it only works for 2.9, versions before that would use -Ystop instead of -Ystop-after.

kul commented Dec 24, 2012

👍 for the patch.. @spencerdeinum why havent you send a pull request yet?

I can make a pull request, my issue is that scalac doesn't seem to have a setting that only runs to check for errors.

The flag I used is, I think, non-standard so I'm not sure if it will break or not.

It's still not very good but it does work a bit better than the other setting, I'll submit a pull request later tonight if you guys still think its useful.


rumblesan commented Jan 3, 2013

hey all, I've actually just sent in a pull request for this since it's been bugging me. Didn't mean to pip you to the post @spencerdeinum :)


After a bit of research, it seems that stopping the compilation after the parser stage is best, otherwise I was getting errors raised when using import statements from other files in my project.

No worries, I'm glad you did the research and picked a better stopping stage! nice work.


scrooloose commented Jan 8, 2013

Hey guys, I have merged in @rumblesan's #436 patch. Report any problems back here :)


ghost commented Nov 11, 2013

Is there an update for Scala 2.10? I'm receiving an error with string interpolation?


lcd047 commented Nov 11, 2013

@aidylewis Please open a new report. Explain what you did, what you expected to happen, and what happened instead. Show a test case if possible.

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