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## Install nitrogen elements as an Erlang library ##
- make
+ make
This should compile all elements and place the beam files in the ebin sub directory. Notice: you need to have nitrogen installed (needs to find the file).
Add the nitrogen_elements directory to your ERL_LIBS environment variable (or place/clone it to a path already mentioned by ERL_LIBS), then
- -include_lib("nitrogen_elements/include/nitrogen_elements.hrl").
+ -include_lib("nitrogen_elements/include/nitrogen_elements.hrl").
to use the elements and actions provided by this lib in your code.
N.B. that i.e. the tabs element needs additional changes to the js and css code. See the src/element_tabs/ directory.
-# Notice #
-The name must NOT begin with nitrogen- to avoid confusing the erlang code loader. That is why you should clone nitrogen-elements to nitrogen_elements or something else you might like. To make this usable (as an erlang lib), the project ought to be renamed accordinlgy.

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