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This code is written by Andreas Stenius <>.
The easiest way to get this into your nitrogen code base is probably to pull it from

I'm no git expert (yet), so I'll leave the details of how to pull this as an excercise for the reader.

Please examine the diff.patch file for info about which file goes were in the nitrogen directory

You should be able to apply all changes "out-of-the-box" with 
(as hinted by: )

$ git apply < diff.patch

(I've not tried this myself, please don't blame me if it screws up your working repo).

I ran:

$ git diff 924ce8ab2ed24221f78f77b52c97cb3a35980b7b..HEAD > diff.patch

to generate the file.

Any trouble with this, feel free to give me a shout (at github, user kaos, or by e-mail:

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