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@chrisbra chrisbra released this Sep 16, 2017

Nightly Vim Windows build snapshots (more information).


  • 8.0.1118: FEAT_WINDOWS adds a lot of #ifdefs
  • 8.0.1117: Test_terminal_no_cmd hangs on MS-Windows with GUI
  • 8.0.1116: terminal test fails on MS-Windows
  • 8.0.1115: crash when using foldtextresult() recursively
  • 8.0.1114: default for 'iminsert' is annoying
  • 8.0.1113: can go to Insert mode from Terminal-Normal mode

Download and execute the most recent gvim_8.._x86.exe file to install Vim.
The exe file contains the (32bit) installer while the .zip files contain an
archive of the 32bit (_x86) or 64bit versions (_x64). To install it, extract
the archive and update your PATH variable. The installer will do that
automatically and provide some additional extensions (e.g. Edit with Vim menu).
The file only contains the corresponding pdb files for debugging the binaries.

If you need a dynamic interface to Perl, Python2, Python3, Ruby, TCL, Lua or Racket/MzScheme,
make sure you also install the following. Vim will work without it, but some Plugin
might need this additional dependency. (e.g. Gundo needs a working Python2 installation,
Command-T needs a working Ruby installation and Neocomplete needs a working Lua
installation). This means, those interpreters have to be installed in addition to Vim.
Without it Vim won't be able to use that feature! You can find those interperters here:

Make sure that you install the same architecture (32bit/64bit) that matches your Vim installation.

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