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# Makefile to run all tests for Vim
# Use console or GUI.
VIMPROG = ../vim
XXDPROG = ../xxd/xxd
# VIMPROG = ../gvim
SCRIPTSOURCE = ../../runtime
# Comment out this line to see the verbose output of tests.
# Catches SwapExists to avoid hanging at the ATTENTION prompt.
REDIR_TEST_TO_NULL = --cmd 'au SwapExists * let v:swapchoice = "e"' > /dev/null
# Uncomment this line to use valgrind for memory leaks and extra warnings.
# The output goes into a file "valgrind.testN"
# Vim should be compiled with EXITFREE to avoid false warnings.
# This will make testing about 10 times as slow.
# VALGRIND = valgrind --tool=memcheck --leak-check=yes --num-callers=25 --log-file=valgrind.$*
default: nongui
# The list of tests is common to all systems.
include Make_all.mak
# Explicit dependencies.
test49.out: test49.vim
test_options.res test_alot.res: opt_test.vim
SCRIPTS_BENCH = bench_re_freeze.out
.SUFFIXES: .in .out .res .vim
nongui: nolog $(SCRIPTS_FIRST) $(SCRIPTS) newtests report
gui: nolog $(SCRIPTS_FIRST) $(SCRIPTS) $(SCRIPTS_GUI) newtests report
benchmark: $(SCRIPTS_BENCH)
# without the +eval feature test_result.log is a copy of test.log
@/bin/sh -c "if test -f test.log; \
then cp test.log test_result.log; \
else echo No failures reported > test_result.log; \
$(VIMPROG) -u NONE $(NO_INITS) -S summarize.vim messages $(REDIR_TEST_TO_NULL)
@echo 'Test results:'
@cat test_result.log
@/bin/sh -c "if test -f test.log; \
then echo TEST FAILURE; exit 1; \
else echo ALL DONE; \
# Must run test1 first to create small.vim.
# Execute an individual new style test, e.g.:
# make test_largefile
rm -f $@.res test.log messages
@MAKEFLAGS=--no-print-directory $(MAKE) -f Makefile $@.res
@cat messages
@if test -f test.log; then \
exit 1; \
RM_ON_RUN = test.out X* viminfo
RM_ON_START = tiny.vim small.vim mbyte.vim mzscheme.vim test.ok benchmark.out
# Delete files that may interfere with running tests. This includes some files
# that may result from working on the tests, not only from running them.
-rm -rf *.out *.failed *.res *.rej *.orig XfakeHOME Xdir1 Xfind
-rm -f opt_test.vim test.log test_result.log messages
-rm -f $(RM_ON_RUN) $(RM_ON_START)
-rm -f valgrind.*
-rm -rf $*.failed $(RM_ON_RUN) $(RM_ON_START) wrongtermsize
@/bin/sh -c "if test -f wrongtermsize; \
then echo; \
echo test1 FAILED - terminal size must be 80x24 or larger; \
echo; exit 1; \
elif diff test.out $*.ok; \
then mv -f test.out $*.out; \
else echo; \
echo test1 FAILED - Something basic is wrong; \
echo; exit 1; fi"
-rm -rf X* viminfo
-rm -rf $*.failed test.ok $(RM_ON_RUN)
cp $*.ok test.ok
# Sleep a moment to avoid that the xterm title is messed up.
# 200 msec is sufficient, but only modern sleep supports a fraction of
# a second, fall back to a second if it fails.
@-/bin/sh -c "sleep .2 > /dev/null 2>&1 || sleep 1"
# For flaky tests retry one time. No tests at the moment.
#@/bin/sh -c "if test -f test.out -a $* = test61; then \
# if diff test.out $*.ok; \
# then echo flaky test ok first time; \
# else rm -rf $*.failed $(RM_ON_RUN); \
# $(RUN_VIM) $*.in; \
# fi \
# fi"
# Check if the test.out file matches test.ok.
@/bin/sh -c "if test -f test.out; then \
if diff test.out $*.ok; \
then mv -f test.out $*.out; \
else echo $* FAILED >>test.log; mv -f test.out $*.failed; \
fi \
else echo $* NO OUTPUT >>test.log; \
@/bin/sh -c "if test -f valgrind; then\
mv -f valgrind valgrind.$*; \
-rm -rf X* test.ok viminfo
bench_re_freeze.out: bench_re_freeze.vim
-rm -rf benchmark.out $(RM_ON_RUN)
# Sleep a moment to avoid that the xterm title is messed up.
# 200 msec is sufficient, but only modern sleep supports a fraction of
# a second, fall back to a second if it fails.
@-/bin/sh -c "sleep .2 > /dev/null 2>&1 || sleep 1"
@/bin/sh -c "if test -f benchmark.out; then cat benchmark.out; fi"
-rm -f test.log messages
# New style of tests uses Vim script with assert calls. These are easier
# to write and a lot easier to read and debug.
# Limitation: Only works with the +eval feature.
newtests: newtestssilent
@/bin/sh -c "if test -f messages && grep -q 'SKIPPED\|FAILED' messages; then cat messages; fi"
newtestssilent: $(NEW_TESTS_RES)
@echo "$(VIMPROG)" > vimcmd
@echo "$(RUN_VIMTEST)" >> vimcmd
$(RUN_VIMTEST) $(NO_INITS) -S runtest.vim $*.vim $(REDIR_TEST_TO_NULL)
@rm vimcmd
test_gui.res: test_gui.vim
@echo "$(VIMPROG)" > vimcmd
@echo "$(RUN_GVIMTEST)" >> vimcmd
$(RUN_VIMTEST) -u NONE $(NO_INITS) -S runtest.vim $<
@rm vimcmd
test_gui_init.res: test_gui_init.vim
@echo "$(VIMPROG)" > vimcmd
@echo "$(RUN_GVIMTEST_WITH_GVIMRC)" >> vimcmd
$(RUN_VIMTEST) -u gui_preinit.vim -U gui_init.vim $(NO_PLUGINS) -S runtest.vim $<
@rm vimcmd
opt_test.vim: ../optiondefs.h gen_opt_test.vim
$(VIMPROG) -u NONE -S gen_opt_test.vim --noplugin --not-a-term ../optiondefs.h
XXD=$(XXDPROG); export XXD; $(RUN_VIMTEST) $(NO_INITS) -S runtest.vim test_xxd.vim
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