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patch 8.1.0170: invalid memory use with complicated pattern
Problem:    Invalid memory use with complicated pattern. (Andy Massimino)
Solution:   Reallocate the list of listids when needed. (closes #3175)
            Remove unnecessary function prototypes.
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brammool committed Jul 8, 2018
1 parent a9defad commit 2338c32
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Showing 2 changed files with 13 additions and 62 deletions.
73 changes: 11 additions & 62 deletions src/regexp_nfa.c
Expand Up @@ -282,41 +282,11 @@ static int nfa_alt_listid;
/* 0 for first call to nfa_regmatch(), 1 for recursive call. */
static int nfa_ll_index = 0;

static int nfa_regcomp_start(char_u *expr, int re_flags);
static int nfa_get_reganch(nfa_state_T *start, int depth);
static int nfa_get_regstart(nfa_state_T *start, int depth);
static char_u *nfa_get_match_text(nfa_state_T *start);
static int realloc_post_list(void);
static int nfa_recognize_char_class(char_u *start, char_u *end, int extra_newl);
static int nfa_emit_equi_class(int c);
static int nfa_regatom(void);
static int nfa_regpiece(void);
static int nfa_regconcat(void);
static int nfa_regbranch(void);
static int nfa_reg(int paren);
#ifdef DEBUG
static void nfa_set_code(int c);
static void nfa_postfix_dump(char_u *expr, int retval);
static void nfa_print_state(FILE *debugf, nfa_state_T *state);
static void nfa_print_state2(FILE *debugf, nfa_state_T *state, garray_T *indent);
static void nfa_dump(nfa_regprog_T *prog);
static int *re2post(void);
static nfa_state_T *alloc_state(int c, nfa_state_T *out, nfa_state_T *out1);
static void st_error(int *postfix, int *end, int *p);
static int nfa_max_width(nfa_state_T *startstate, int depth);
static nfa_state_T *post2nfa(int *postfix, int *end, int nfa_calc_size);
static void nfa_postprocess(nfa_regprog_T *prog);
static int check_char_class(int class, int c);
static void nfa_save_listids(nfa_regprog_T *prog, int *list);
static void nfa_restore_listids(nfa_regprog_T *prog, int *list);
static int nfa_re_num_cmp(long_u val, int op, long_u pos);
static long nfa_regtry(nfa_regprog_T *prog, colnr_T col, proftime_T *tm, int *timed_out);
static long nfa_regexec_both(char_u *line, colnr_T col, proftime_T *tm, int *timed_out);
static regprog_T *nfa_regcomp(char_u *expr, int re_flags);
static void nfa_regfree(regprog_T *prog);
static int nfa_regexec_nl(regmatch_T *rmp, char_u *line, colnr_T col, int line_lbr);
static long nfa_regexec_multi(regmmatch_T *rmp, win_T *win, buf_T *buf, linenr_T lnum, colnr_T col, proftime_T *tm, int *timed_out);
static int match_follows(nfa_state_T *startstate, int depth);
static int failure_chance(nfa_state_T *state, int depth);

Expand Down Expand Up @@ -2876,13 +2846,6 @@ struct Frag
typedef struct Frag Frag_T;

static Frag_T frag(nfa_state_T *start, Ptrlist *out);
static Ptrlist *list1(nfa_state_T **outp);
static void patch(Ptrlist *l, nfa_state_T *s);
static Ptrlist *append(Ptrlist *l1, Ptrlist *l2);
static void st_push(Frag_T s, Frag_T **p, Frag_T *stack_end);
static Frag_T st_pop(Frag_T **p, Frag_T *stack);

* Initialize a Frag_T struct and return it.
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -3917,9 +3880,7 @@ typedef struct
} nfa_list_T;

static void log_subsexpr(regsubs_T *subs);
static void log_subexpr(regsub_T *sub);
static char *pim_info(nfa_pim_T *pim);

static void
log_subsexpr(regsubs_T *subs)
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -3974,25 +3935,15 @@ pim_info(nfa_pim_T *pim)

/* Used during execution: whether a match has been found. */
static int nfa_match;
static int nfa_match;
static proftime_T *nfa_time_limit;
static int *nfa_timed_out;
static int nfa_time_count;

static void copy_pim(nfa_pim_T *to, nfa_pim_T *from);
static void clear_sub(regsub_T *sub);
static void copy_sub(regsub_T *to, regsub_T *from);
static void copy_sub_off(regsub_T *to, regsub_T *from);
static void copy_ze_off(regsub_T *to, regsub_T *from);
static int sub_equal(regsub_T *sub1, regsub_T *sub2);
static int match_backref(regsub_T *sub, int subidx, int *bytelen);
static int has_state_with_pos(nfa_list_T *l, nfa_state_T *state, regsubs_T *subs, nfa_pim_T *pim);
static int pim_equal(nfa_pim_T *one, nfa_pim_T *two);
static int state_in_list(nfa_list_T *l, nfa_state_T *state, regsubs_T *subs);
static regsubs_T *addstate(nfa_list_T *l, nfa_state_T *state, regsubs_T *subs_arg, nfa_pim_T *pim, int off);
static void addstate_here(nfa_list_T *l, nfa_state_T *state, regsubs_T *subs, nfa_pim_T *pim, int *ip);

* Copy postponed invisible match info from "from" to "to".
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -5018,8 +4969,6 @@ match_backref(

#ifdef FEAT_SYN_HL

static int match_zref(int subidx, int *bytelen);

* Check for a match with \z subexpression "subidx".
* Return TRUE if it matches.
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -5095,7 +5044,6 @@ nfa_re_num_cmp(long_u val, int op, long_u pos)
return val == pos;

static int recursive_regmatch(nfa_state_T *state, nfa_pim_T *pim, nfa_regprog_T *prog, regsubs_T *submatch, regsubs_T *m, int **listids);
static int nfa_regmatch(nfa_regprog_T *prog, nfa_state_T *start, regsubs_T *submatch, regsubs_T *m);

Expand All @@ -5110,7 +5058,8 @@ recursive_regmatch(
nfa_regprog_T *prog,
regsubs_T *submatch,
regsubs_T *m,
int **listids)
int **listids,
int *listids_len)
int save_reginput_col = (int)(reginput - regline);
int save_reglnum = reglnum;
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -5212,14 +5161,16 @@ recursive_regmatch(
/* Already calling nfa_regmatch() recursively. Save the lastlist[1]
* values and clear them. */
if (*listids == NULL)
if (*listids == NULL || *listids_len < nstate)
*listids = (int *)lalloc(sizeof(int) * nstate, TRUE);
if (*listids == NULL)
EMSG(_("E878: (NFA) Could not allocate memory for branch traversal!"));
return 0;
*listids_len = nstate;
nfa_save_listids(prog, *listids);
need_restore = TRUE;
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -5279,9 +5230,6 @@ recursive_regmatch(
return result;

static int skip_to_start(int c, colnr_T *colp);
static long find_match_text(colnr_T startcol, int regstart, char_u *match_text);

* Estimate the chance of a match with "state" failing.
* empty match: 0
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -5570,6 +5518,7 @@ nfa_regmatch(
nfa_list_T *thislist;
nfa_list_T *nextlist;
int *listids = NULL;
int listids_len = 0;
nfa_state_T *add_state;
int add_here;
int add_count;
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -5898,7 +5847,7 @@ nfa_regmatch(
* follows.
result = recursive_regmatch(t->state, NULL, prog,
submatch, m, &listids);
submatch, m, &listids, &listids_len);
if (result == NFA_TOO_EXPENSIVE)
nfa_match = result;
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -6016,7 +5965,7 @@ nfa_regmatch(

/* First try matching the pattern. */
result = recursive_regmatch(t->state, NULL, prog,
submatch, m, &listids);
submatch, m, &listids, &listids_len);
if (result == NFA_TOO_EXPENSIVE)
nfa_match = result;
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -6783,7 +6732,7 @@ nfa_regmatch(
fprintf(log_fd, "\n");
result = recursive_regmatch(pim->state, pim,
prog, submatch, m, &listids);
prog, submatch, m, &listids, &listids_len);
pim->result = result ? NFA_PIM_MATCH : NFA_PIM_NOMATCH;
/* for \@! and \@<! it is a match when the result is
* FALSE */
Expand Down
2 changes: 2 additions & 0 deletions src/version.c
Expand Up @@ -789,6 +789,8 @@ static char *(features[]) =

static int included_patches[] =
{ /* Add new patch number below this line */
Expand Down

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