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patch 8.1.0182: Unicode standard was updated

Problem:    Unicode standard was updated.
Solution:   Include the changes. (Christian Brabandt)
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brammool committed Jul 14, 2018
1 parent a43ebe9 commit 4fc85003c5f53d6ceb3dbea4b8fae5681615a20c
Showing with 50 additions and 23 deletions.
  1. +48 −23 src/mbyte.c
  2. +2 −0 src/version.c
@@ -1462,7 +1462,7 @@ utf_char2cells(int c)
{0x3000, 0x303e},
{0x3041, 0x3096},
{0x3099, 0x30ff},
{0x3105, 0x312e},
{0x3105, 0x312f},
{0x3131, 0x318e},
{0x3190, 0x31ba},
{0x31c0, 0x31e3},
@@ -1482,7 +1482,7 @@ utf_char2cells(int c)
{0xff01, 0xff60},
{0xffe0, 0xffe6},
{0x16fe0, 0x16fe1},
{0x17000, 0x187ec},
{0x17000, 0x187f1},
{0x18800, 0x18af2},
{0x1b000, 0x1b11e},
{0x1b170, 0x1b2fb},
@@ -1517,13 +1517,15 @@ utf_char2cells(int c)
{0x1f6cc, 0x1f6cc},
{0x1f6d0, 0x1f6d2},
{0x1f6eb, 0x1f6ec},
{0x1f6f4, 0x1f6f8},
{0x1f6f4, 0x1f6f9},
{0x1f910, 0x1f93e},
{0x1f940, 0x1f94c},
{0x1f950, 0x1f96b},
{0x1f980, 0x1f997},
{0x1f9c0, 0x1f9c0},
{0x1f9d0, 0x1f9e6},
{0x1f940, 0x1f970},
{0x1f973, 0x1f976},
{0x1f97a, 0x1f97a},
{0x1f97c, 0x1f9a2},
{0x1f9b0, 0x1f9b9},
{0x1f9c0, 0x1f9c2},
{0x1f9d0, 0x1f9ff},
{0x20000, 0x2fffd},
{0x30000, 0x3fffd}
@@ -2348,12 +2350,13 @@ utf_iscomposing(int c)
{0x0730, 0x074a},
{0x07a6, 0x07b0},
{0x07eb, 0x07f3},
{0x07fd, 0x07fd},
{0x0816, 0x0819},
{0x081b, 0x0823},
{0x0825, 0x0827},
{0x0829, 0x082d},
{0x0859, 0x085b},
{0x08d4, 0x08e1},
{0x08d3, 0x08e1},
{0x08e3, 0x0903},
{0x093a, 0x093c},
{0x093e, 0x094f},
@@ -2366,6 +2369,7 @@ utf_iscomposing(int c)
{0x09cb, 0x09cd},
{0x09d7, 0x09d7},
{0x09e2, 0x09e3},
{0x09fe, 0x09fe},
{0x0a01, 0x0a03},
{0x0a3c, 0x0a3c},
{0x0a3e, 0x0a42},
@@ -2393,7 +2397,7 @@ utf_iscomposing(int c)
{0x0bc6, 0x0bc8},
{0x0bca, 0x0bcd},
{0x0bd7, 0x0bd7},
{0x0c00, 0x0c03},
{0x0c00, 0x0c04},
{0x0c3e, 0x0c44},
{0x0c46, 0x0c48},
{0x0c4a, 0x0c4d},
@@ -2493,6 +2497,7 @@ utf_iscomposing(int c)
{0xa880, 0xa881},
{0xa8b4, 0xa8c5},
{0xa8e0, 0xa8f1},
{0xa8ff, 0xa8ff},
{0xa926, 0xa92d},
{0xa947, 0xa953},
{0xa980, 0xa983},
@@ -2523,21 +2528,24 @@ utf_iscomposing(int c)
{0x10a38, 0x10a3a},
{0x10a3f, 0x10a3f},
{0x10ae5, 0x10ae6},
{0x10d24, 0x10d27},
{0x10f46, 0x10f50},
{0x11000, 0x11002},
{0x11038, 0x11046},
{0x1107f, 0x11082},
{0x110b0, 0x110ba},
{0x11100, 0x11102},
{0x11127, 0x11134},
{0x11145, 0x11146},
{0x11173, 0x11173},
{0x11180, 0x11182},
{0x111b3, 0x111c0},
{0x111ca, 0x111cc},
{0x111c9, 0x111cc},
{0x1122c, 0x11237},
{0x1123e, 0x1123e},
{0x112df, 0x112ea},
{0x11300, 0x11303},
{0x1133c, 0x1133c},
{0x1133b, 0x1133c},
{0x1133e, 0x11344},
{0x11347, 0x11348},
{0x1134b, 0x1134d},
@@ -2546,13 +2554,15 @@ utf_iscomposing(int c)
{0x11366, 0x1136c},
{0x11370, 0x11374},
{0x11435, 0x11446},
{0x1145e, 0x1145e},
{0x114b0, 0x114c3},
{0x115af, 0x115b5},
{0x115b8, 0x115c0},
{0x115dc, 0x115dd},
{0x11630, 0x11640},
{0x116ab, 0x116b7},
{0x1171d, 0x1172b},
{0x1182c, 0x1183a},
{0x11a01, 0x11a0a},
{0x11a33, 0x11a39},
{0x11a3b, 0x11a3e},
@@ -2568,6 +2578,10 @@ utf_iscomposing(int c)
{0x11d3c, 0x11d3d},
{0x11d3f, 0x11d45},
{0x11d47, 0x11d47},
{0x11d8a, 0x11d8e},
{0x11d90, 0x11d91},
{0x11d93, 0x11d97},
{0x11ef3, 0x11ef6},
{0x16af0, 0x16af4},
{0x16b30, 0x16b36},
{0x16f51, 0x16f7e},
@@ -2659,12 +2673,12 @@ static struct interval emoji_all[] =
{0x2640, 0x2640},
{0x2642, 0x2642},
{0x2648, 0x2653},
{0x2660, 0x2660},
{0x265f, 0x2660},
{0x2663, 0x2663},
{0x2665, 0x2666},
{0x2668, 0x2668},
{0x267b, 0x267b},
{0x267f, 0x267f},
{0x267e, 0x267f},
{0x2692, 0x2697},
{0x2699, 0x2699},
{0x269b, 0x269c},
@@ -2759,15 +2773,17 @@ static struct interval emoji_all[] =
{0x1f6e9, 0x1f6e9},
{0x1f6eb, 0x1f6ec},
{0x1f6f0, 0x1f6f0},
{0x1f6f3, 0x1f6f8},
{0x1f6f3, 0x1f6f9},
{0x1f910, 0x1f93a},
{0x1f93c, 0x1f93e},
{0x1f940, 0x1f945},
{0x1f947, 0x1f94c},
{0x1f950, 0x1f96b},
{0x1f980, 0x1f997},
{0x1f9c0, 0x1f9c0},
{0x1f9d0, 0x1f9e6}
{0x1f947, 0x1f970},
{0x1f973, 0x1f976},
{0x1f97a, 0x1f97a},
{0x1f97c, 0x1f9a2},
{0x1f9b0, 0x1f9b9},
{0x1f9c0, 0x1f9c2},
{0x1f9d0, 0x1f9ff}

@@ -3034,6 +3050,8 @@ static convertStruct foldCase[] =
@@ -3104,13 +3122,14 @@ static convertStruct foldCase[] =

@@ -3256,6 +3275,8 @@ static convertStruct toLower[] =
@@ -3324,12 +3345,13 @@ static convertStruct toLower[] =

@@ -3443,6 +3465,8 @@ static convertStruct toUpper[] =
@@ -3505,14 +3529,15 @@ static convertStruct toUpper[] =

@@ -789,6 +789,8 @@ static char *(features[]) =

static int included_patches[] =
{ /* Add new patch number below this line */

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