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patch 8.0.0804: terminal window functions not yet implemented

Problem:    Terminal window functions not yet implemented.
Solution:   Implement several functions. Add a first test. (Yasuhiro
            Matsumoto, closes #1871)
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brammool committed Jul 29, 2017
1 parent 70229f9 commit c6df10e5d33ffab2c392626e285317ea8241ebff
Showing with 577 additions and 89 deletions.
  1. +71 −19 runtime/doc/eval.txt
  2. +1 −0 src/Makefile
  3. +12 −1 src/evalfunc.c
  4. +1 −0 src/proto/
  5. +10 −0 src/proto/
  6. +412 −69 src/terminal.c
  7. +1 −0 src/testdir/Make_all.mak
  8. +67 −0 src/testdir/test_terminal.vim
  9. +2 −0 src/version.c
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
*eval.txt* For Vim version 8.0. Last change: 2017 Jul 28
*eval.txt* For Vim version 8.0. Last change: 2017 Jul 29
@@ -2369,12 +2369,15 @@ tagfiles() List tags files used
tan({expr}) Float tangent of {expr}
tanh({expr}) Float hyperbolic tangent of {expr}
tempname() String name for a temporary file
term_getsize() Dict get the size of a terminal
term_open() Job open a terminal window and run a job
term_scrape() List inspect terminal screen
term_sendkeys() Number send keystrokes to a terminal
term_setsize() Number set the size of a terminal
term_wait() Number wait for screen to be updated
term_getattr({attr}, {what} Number get the value of attribute {what}
term_getjob({buf}) Job get the job associated with a terminal
term_getline({buf}, {row}) String get a line of text from a terminal
term_getsize({buf}) List get the size of a terminal
term_list() List get the list of terminal buffers
term_scrape({buf}, {row}) List get row of a terminal screen
term_sendkeys({buf}, {keys}) none send keystrokes to a terminal
term_start({cmd}, {options}) Job open a terminal window and run a job
term_wait({buf}) Number wait for screen to be updated
test_alloc_fail({id}, {countdown}, {repeat})
none make memory allocation fail
test_autochdir() none enable 'autochdir' during startup
@@ -7898,23 +7901,72 @@ tempname() *tempname()* *temp-file-name*
For MS-Windows forward slashes are used when the 'shellslash'
option is set or when 'shellcmdflag' starts with '-'.
term_getsize() *term_getsize()*
Get the size of a terminal. NOT IMPLEMENTED YET
term_getattr({attr}, {what}) *term_getattr()*
Given {attr}, a value returned by term_scrape() in the "attr"
item, return whether {what} is on. {what} can be one of:
term_open() *term_open()*
Open a terminal window and run a job. NOT IMPLEMENTED YET
term_getjob({buf}) *term_getjob()*
Get the Job associated with terminal window {buf}.
{buf} is used as with |term_getsize()|.
term_scrape() *term_scrape()*
Inspect terminal screen. NOT IMPLEMENTED YET
term_getline({buf}, {row}) *term_getline()*
Get a line of text from the terminal window of {buf}.
{buf} is used as with |term_getsize()|.
term_sendkeys() *term_sendkeys()*
Send keystrokes to a terminal. NOT IMPLEMENTED YET
The first line has {row} zero. When {row} is invalid an empty
string is returned.
term_setsize() *term_setsize()*
Set the size of a terminal. NOT IMPLEMENTED YET
term_getsize({buf}) *term_getsize()*
Get the size of terminal {buf}. Returns a list with two
numbers: [rows, cols]. This is the size of the terminal, not
the window containing the terminal.
term_wait() *term_wait()*
Wait for screen to be updated. NOT IMPLEMENTED YET
{buf} must be the buffer number of a terminal window. If the
buffer does not exist or is not a terminal window, an empty
list is returned.
term_list(}) *term_list()*
Return a list with the buffer numbers of all buffers for
terminal windows.
term_scrape({buf}, {row}) *term_scrape()*
Get the contents of {row} of terminal screen of {buf}.
For {buf} see |term_getsize()|.
The first {row} is zero. When {row} is invalid an empty list
is returned.
Return a List containing a Dict for each screen cell:
"chars" character(s) at the cell
"fg" foreground color as #rrggbb
"bg" background color as #rrggbb
"attr" attributes of the cell, use term_getattr()
to get the individual flags
"width" cell width: 1 or 2
term_sendkeys({buf}, {keys}) *term_sendkeys()*
Send keystrokes {keys} to terminal {buf}.
{buf} is used as with |term_getsize()|.
{keys} are translated as key sequences. For example, "\<c-x>"
means the character CTRL-X.
term_start({cmd}, {options}) *term_start()*
Open a terminal window and run {cmd} in it.
Returns the buffer number of the terminal window.
When opening the window fails zero is returned.
{options} are not implemented yet.
term_wait({buf}) *term_wait()*
Wait for pending updates of {buf} to be handled.
{buf} is used as with |term_getsize()|.
test_alloc_fail({id}, {countdown}, {repeat}) *test_alloc_fail()*
This is for testing: If the memory allocation with {id} is
@@ -2256,6 +2256,7 @@ test_arglist \
test_tagjump \
test_taglist \
test_tcl \
test_terminal \
test_textobjects \
test_timers \
test_true_false \
@@ -830,6 +830,17 @@ static struct fst
{"tanh", 1, 1, f_tanh},
{"tempname", 0, 0, f_tempname},
{"term_getattr", 2, 2, f_term_getattr},
{"term_getjob", 1, 1, f_term_getjob},
{"term_getline", 2, 2, f_term_getline},
{"term_getsize", 1, 1, f_term_getsize},
{"term_list", 0, 0, f_term_list},
{"term_scrape", 2, 2, f_term_scrape},
{"term_sendkeys", 2, 2, f_term_sendkeys},
{"term_start", 1, 2, f_term_start},
{"term_wait", 1, 1, f_term_wait},
{"test_alloc_fail", 3, 3, f_test_alloc_fail},
{"test_autochdir", 0, 0, f_test_autochdir},
{"test_garbagecollect_now", 0, 0, f_test_garbagecollect_now},
@@ -1540,7 +1551,7 @@ buflist_find_by_name(char_u *name, int curtab_only)
* Get buffer by number or pattern.
static buf_T *
buf_T *
get_buf_tv(typval_T *tv, int curtab_only)
char_u *name = tv->vval.v_string;
@@ -1,4 +1,5 @@
/* evalfunc.c */
buf_T* get_buf_tv(typval_T *tv, int curtab_only);
char_u *get_function_name(expand_T *xp, int idx);
char_u *get_expr_name(expand_T *xp, int idx);
int find_internal_func(char_u *name);
@@ -3,11 +3,21 @@ void ex_terminal(exarg_T *eap);
void free_terminal(buf_T *buf);
void write_to_term(buf_T *buffer, char_u *msg, channel_T *channel);
int terminal_loop(void);
void term_job_ended(job_T *job);
void term_channel_closed(channel_T *ch);
int term_update_window(win_T *wp);
int term_is_finished(buf_T *buf);
void term_change_in_curbuf(void);
int term_get_attr(buf_T *buf, linenr_T lnum, int col);
char_u *term_get_status_text(term_T *term);
int set_ref_in_term(int copyID);
void f_term_getattr(typval_T *argvars, typval_T *rettv);
void f_term_getjob(typval_T *argvars, typval_T *rettv);
void f_term_getline(typval_T *argvars, typval_T *rettv);
void f_term_getsize(typval_T *argvars, typval_T *rettv);
void f_term_list(typval_T *argvars, typval_T *rettv);
void f_term_start(typval_T *argvars, typval_T *rettv);
void f_term_scrape(typval_T *argvars, typval_T *rettv);
void f_term_sendkeys(typval_T *argvars, typval_T *rettv);
void f_term_wait(typval_T *argvars, typval_T *rettv);
/* vim: set ft=c : */
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