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patch 7.4.1384
Problem:    It is not easy to use a set of plugins and their dependencies.
Solution:   Add packages, ":loadopt", 'packpath'.
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brammool committed Feb 21, 2016
1 parent 271273c commit f6fee0e2d4341c0c2f5339c1268e5877fafd07cf
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  1. +8 −1 runtime/doc/options.txt
  2. +71 −5 runtime/doc/repeat.txt
  3. +5 −1 runtime/doc/starting.txt
  4. +20 −17 runtime/doc/tags
  5. +3 −1 runtime/optwin.vim
  6. +1 −0 src/eval.c
  7. +3 −0 src/ex_cmds.h
  8. +119 −17 src/ex_cmds2.c
  9. +3 −0 src/main.c
  10. +6 −0 src/option.c
  11. +1 −0 src/option.h
  12. +2 −0 src/proto/
  13. +3 −0 src/version.c
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
*options.txt* For Vim version 7.4. Last change: 2016 Feb 20
*options.txt* For Vim version 7.4. Last change: 2016 Feb 21

@@ -5409,6 +5409,13 @@ A jump table for the options with a short description can be found at |Q_op|.
This option was supported on RISC OS, which has been removed.

*'packpath'* *'pp'*
'packpath' 'pp' string (default: see 'runtimepath')
{not in Vi}
{not available without the |+packages| feature}
Directories used to find packages. See |packages|.

*'paragraphs'* *'para'*
'paragraphs' 'para' string (default "IPLPPPQPP TPHPLIPpLpItpplpipbp")
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
*repeat.txt* For Vim version 7.4. Last change: 2016 Feb 12
*repeat.txt* For Vim version 7.4. Last change: 2016 Feb 21

@@ -12,8 +12,9 @@ Chapter 26 of the user manual introduces repeating |usr_26.txt|.
2. Multiple repeats |multi-repeat|
3. Complex repeats |complex-repeat|
4. Using Vim scripts |using-scripts|
5. Debugging scripts |debug-scripts|
6. Profiling |profiling|
5. Using Vim packages |packages|
6. Debugging scripts |debug-scripts|
7. Profiling |profiling|

1. Single repeats *single-repeat*
@@ -212,6 +213,22 @@ For writing a Vim script, see chapter 41 of the user manual |usr_41.txt|.
about each searched file.
{not in Vi}

*:loadp* *:loadplugin*
:loadp[lugin] {name} Search for an optional plugin directory and source the
plugin files found. It is similar to: >
:runtime pack/*/opt/{name}/plugin/*.vim
< However, `:loadplugin` uses 'packpath' instead of
'runtimepath'. And the directory found is added to

Note that {name} is the directory name, not the name
of the .vim file. If the "{name}/plugin" directory
contains more than one file they are all sourced.

Also see |load-plugin|.

{not available without the |+packages| feature}

:scripte[ncoding] [encoding] *:scripte* *:scriptencoding* *E167*
Specify the character encoding used in the script.
The following lines will be converted from [encoding]
@@ -388,7 +405,56 @@ Rationale:
< Therefore the unusual leading backslash is used.

5. Debugging scripts *debug-scripts*
5. Using Vim packages *packages*

A Vim package is a directory that contains one or more plugins. The
advantages over normal plugins:
- A package can be downloaded as an archive and unpacked in its own directory.
That makes it easy to updated and/or remove.
- A package can be a git, mercurial, etc. respository. That makes it really
easy to update.
- A package can contain multiple plugins that depend on each other.
- A package can contain plugins that are automatically loaded on startup and
ones that are only loaded when needed with `:loadplugin`.

Let's assume your Vim files are in the "~/.vim" directory and you want to add a
package from a zip archive "/tmp/":
% mkdir -p ~/.vim/pack/my
% cd ~/.vim/pack/my
% unzip /tmp/

The directory name "my" is arbitrary, you can pick anything you like.

You would now have these files under ~/.vim:

When Vim starts up it scans all directories in 'packpath' for plugins under the
"ever" directory and loads them. When found that directory is added to

In the example Vim will find "my/ever/always/plugin/always.vim" and adds
"~/.vim/pack/my/ever/always" to 'runtimepath'.

If the "always" plugin kicks in and sets the 'filetype' to "always", Vim will
find the syntax/always.vim file, because its directory is in 'runtimepath'.

To load an optional plugin from a pack use the `:loadplugin` command: >
:loadplugin mydebug
This could be done inside always.vim, if some conditions are met.
Or you could add this command to your |.vimrc|.

It is perfectly normal for a package to only have files in the "opt"
directory. You then need to load each plugin when you want to use it.

Loading packages will not happen if loading plugins is disabled, see

6. Debugging scripts *debug-scripts*

Besides the obvious messages that you can add to your scripts to find out what
they are doing, Vim offers a debug mode. This allows you to step through a
@@ -613,7 +679,7 @@ OBSCURE
user, don't use typeahead for debug commands.

6. Profiling *profile* *profiling*
7. Profiling *profile* *profiling*

Profiling means that Vim measures the time that is spent on executing
functions and/or scripts. The |+profile| feature is required for this.
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
*starting.txt* For Vim version 7.4. Last change: 2016 Feb 18
*starting.txt* For Vim version 7.4. Last change: 2016 Feb 21

@@ -857,6 +857,10 @@ accordingly. Vim proceeds in this order:
commands from the command line have not been executed yet. You can
use "--cmd 'set noloadplugins'" |--cmd|.

Plugin packs are loaded. These are plugins, as above, but found in
'packpath' directories. Every plugin directory found is added in
'runtimepath'. See |packages|.

5. Set 'shellpipe' and 'shellredir'
The 'shellpipe' and 'shellredir' options are set according to the
value of the 'shell' option, unless they have been set before.
@@ -726,6 +726,7 @@ $VIM_POSIX vi_diff.txt /*$VIM_POSIX*
'option' intro.txt /*'option'*
'osfiletype' options.txt /*'osfiletype'*
'pa' options.txt /*'pa'*
'packpath' options.txt /*'packpath'*
'para' options.txt /*'para'*
'paragraphs' options.txt /*'paragraphs'*
'paste' options.txt /*'paste'*
@@ -746,6 +747,7 @@ $VIM_POSIX vi_diff.txt /*$VIM_POSIX*
'pmbcs' options.txt /*'pmbcs'*
'pmbfn' options.txt /*'pmbfn'*
'popt' options.txt /*'popt'*
'pp' options.txt /*'pp'*
'preserveindent' options.txt /*'preserveindent'*
'previewheight' options.txt /*'previewheight'*
'previewwindow' options.txt /*'previewwindow'*
@@ -3540,6 +3542,7 @@ CTRL-\_CTRL-N intro.txt /*CTRL-\\_CTRL-N*
CTRL-] tagsrch.txt /*CTRL-]*
CTRL-^ editing.txt /*CTRL-^*
CTRL-{char} intro.txt /*CTRL-{char}*
Channel eval.txt /*Channel*
Chinese mbyte.txt /*Chinese*
Cmd-event autocmd.txt /*Cmd-event*
CmdUndefined autocmd.txt /*CmdUndefined*
@@ -4427,7 +4430,6 @@ E893 eval.txt /*E893*
E894 eval.txt /*E894*
E895 if_mzsch.txt /*E895*
E896 channel.txt /*E896*
E897 channel.txt /*E897*
E898 channel.txt /*E898*
E899 channel.txt /*E899*
E90 message.txt /*E90*
@@ -4447,6 +4449,8 @@ E911 eval.txt /*E911*
E912 eval.txt /*E912*
E913 eval.txt /*E913*
E914 eval.txt /*E914*
E915 channel.txt /*E915*
E916 eval.txt /*E916*
E92 message.txt /*E92*
E93 windows.txt /*E93*
E94 windows.txt /*E94*
@@ -4515,6 +4519,7 @@ InsertEnter autocmd.txt /*InsertEnter*
InsertLeave autocmd.txt /*InsertLeave*
J change.txt /*J*
Japanese mbyte.txt /*Japanese*
Job eval.txt /*Job*
K various.txt /*K*
KDE gui_x11.txt /*KDE*
KVim gui_x11.txt /*KVim*
@@ -4659,6 +4664,7 @@ ShellCmdPost autocmd.txt /*ShellCmdPost*
ShellFilterPost autocmd.txt /*ShellFilterPost*
SourceCmd autocmd.txt /*SourceCmd*
SourcePre autocmd.txt /*SourcePre*
Special eval.txt /*Special*
SpellFileMissing autocmd.txt /*SpellFileMissing*
StdinReadPost autocmd.txt /*StdinReadPost*
StdinReadPre autocmd.txt /*StdinReadPre*
@@ -5168,9 +5174,11 @@ cc change.txt /*cc*
ceil() eval.txt /*ceil()*
ch.vim syntax.txt /*ch.vim*
ch_close() eval.txt /*ch_close()*
ch_getjob() eval.txt /*ch_getjob()*
ch_log() eval.txt /*ch_log()*
ch_logfile() eval.txt /*ch_logfile()*
ch_open() eval.txt /*ch_open()*
ch_read() eval.txt /*ch_read()*
ch_readraw() eval.txt /*ch_readraw()*
ch_sendexpr() eval.txt /*ch_sendexpr()*
ch_sendraw() eval.txt /*ch_sendraw()*
@@ -5203,6 +5211,7 @@ changetick eval.txt /*changetick*
changing change.txt /*changing*
channel channel.txt /*channel*
channel-callback channel.txt /*channel-callback*
channel-close channel.txt /*channel-close*
channel-commands channel.txt /*channel-commands*
channel-demo channel.txt /*channel-demo*
channel-mode channel.txt /*channel-mode*
@@ -5273,6 +5282,7 @@ clipboard-html options.txt /*clipboard-html*
clipboard-unnamed options.txt /*clipboard-unnamed*
clipboard-unnamedplus options.txt /*clipboard-unnamedplus*
clojure-indent indent.txt /*clojure-indent*
close-cb channel.txt /*close-cb*
cmdarg-variable eval.txt /*cmdarg-variable*
cmdbang-variable eval.txt /*cmdbang-variable*
cmdline-arguments vi_diff.txt /*cmdline-arguments*
@@ -5639,6 +5649,8 @@ end intro.txt /*end*
end-of-file pattern.txt /*end-of-file*
enlightened-terminal syntax.txt /*enlightened-terminal*
erlang.vim syntax.txt /*erlang.vim*
err-cb channel.txt /*err-cb*
err-timeout channel.txt /*err-timeout*
errmsg-variable eval.txt /*errmsg-variable*
error-file-format quickfix.txt /*error-file-format*
error-messages message.txt /*error-messages*
@@ -6433,7 +6445,6 @@ gui-shell-win32 gui_w32.txt /*gui-shell-win32*
gui-start gui.txt /*gui-start*
gui-toolbar gui.txt /*gui-toolbar*
gui-vert-scroll gui.txt /*gui-vert-scroll*
gui-w16 gui_w16.txt /*gui-w16*
gui-w32 gui_w32.txt /*gui-w32*
gui-w32-cmdargs gui_w32.txt /*gui-w32-cmdargs*
gui-w32-dialogs gui_w32.txt /*gui-w32-dialogs*
@@ -6455,7 +6466,6 @@ gui-x11-printing gui_x11.txt /*gui-x11-printing*
gui-x11-start gui_x11.txt /*gui-x11-start*
gui-x11-various gui_x11.txt /*gui-x11-various*
gui.txt gui.txt /*gui.txt*
gui_w16.txt gui_w16.txt /*gui_w16.txt*
gui_w32.txt gui_w32.txt /*gui_w32.txt*
gui_x11.txt gui_x11.txt /*gui_x11.txt*
guifontwide_gtk2 options.txt /*guifontwide_gtk2*
@@ -6832,22 +6842,24 @@ java.vim syntax.txt /*java.vim*
javascript-cinoptions indent.txt /*javascript-cinoptions*
javascript-indenting indent.txt /*javascript-indenting*
job channel.txt /*job*
job-callback channel.txt /*job-callback*
job-channel-overview channel.txt /*job-channel-overview*
job-close-cb channel.txt /*job-close-cb*
job-control channel.txt /*job-control*
job-err-cb channel.txt /*job-err-cb*
job-err-io channel.txt /*job-err-io*
job-exit-cb channel.txt /*job-exit-cb*
job-in-io channel.txt /*job-in-io*
job-killonexit channel.txt /*job-killonexit*
job-may-start channel.txt /*job-may-start*
job-options channel.txt /*job-options*
job-out-cb channel.txt /*job-out-cb*
job-out-io channel.txt /*job-out-io*
job-start channel.txt /*job-start*
job-start-nochannel channel.txt /*job-start-nochannel*
job-stoponexit channel.txt /*job-stoponexit*
job-term channel.txt /*job-term*
job_getchannel() eval.txt /*job_getchannel()*
job_setoptions() eval.txt /*job_setoptions()*
job_start() eval.txt /*job_start()*
job_status() eval.txt /*job_status()*
job_stop() eval.txt /*job_stop()*
@@ -7577,7 +7589,10 @@ os_unix.txt os_unix.txt /*os_unix.txt*
os_vms.txt os_vms.txt /*os_vms.txt*
os_win32.txt os_win32.txt /*os_win32.txt*
other-features vi_diff.txt /*other-features*
out-cb channel.txt /*out-cb*
out-timeout channel.txt /*out-timeout*
p change.txt /*p*
packages repeat.txt /*packages*
page-down intro.txt /*page-down*
page-up intro.txt /*page-up*
page_down intro.txt /*page_down*
@@ -8995,25 +9010,13 @@ w: eval.txt /*w:*
w:current_syntax syntax.txt /*w:current_syntax*
w:quickfix_title quickfix.txt /*w:quickfix_title*
w:var eval.txt /*w:var*
waittime channel.txt /*waittime*
warningmsg-variable eval.txt /*warningmsg-variable*
white-space pattern.txt /*white-space*
whitespace pattern.txt /*whitespace*
wildcard editing.txt /*wildcard*
wildcards editing.txt /*wildcards*
wildmenumode() eval.txt /*wildmenumode()*
win16-!start gui_w16.txt /*win16-!start*
win16-clipboard gui_w16.txt /*win16-clipboard*
win16-colors gui_w16.txt /*win16-colors*
win16-default-editor gui_w16.txt /*win16-default-editor*
win16-dialogs gui_w16.txt /*win16-dialogs*
win16-drag-n-drop gui_w16.txt /*win16-drag-n-drop*
win16-gui gui_w16.txt /*win16-gui*
win16-maximized gui_w16.txt /*win16-maximized*
win16-printing gui_w16.txt /*win16-printing*
win16-shell gui_w16.txt /*win16-shell*
win16-start gui_w16.txt /*win16-start*
win16-truetype gui_w16.txt /*win16-truetype*
win16-various gui_w16.txt /*win16-various*
win32 os_win32.txt /*win32*
win32-!start gui_w32.txt /*win32-!start*
win32-PATH os_win32.txt /*win32-PATH*
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
" These commands create the option window.
" Maintainer: Bram Moolenaar <>
" Last Change: 2015 Nov 10
" Last Change: 2016 Feb 21

" If there already is an option window, jump to that one.
if bufwinnr("option-window") > 0
@@ -228,6 +228,8 @@ else
call append("$", "runtimepath\tlist of directories used for runtime files and plugins")
call <SID>OptionG("rtp", &rtp)
call append("$", "packpath\tlist of directories used for plugin packages")
call <SID>OptionG("pp", &pp)
call append("$", "helpfile\tname of the main help file")
call <SID>OptionG("hf", &hf)

@@ -13785,6 +13785,7 @@ f_has(typval_T *argvars, typval_T *rettv)
#ifdef FEAT_OLE
@@ -810,6 +810,9 @@ EX(CMD_loadview, "loadview", ex_loadview,
EX(CMD_loadkeymap, "loadkeymap", ex_loadkeymap,
EX(CMD_loadplugin, "loadplugin", ex_loadplugin,
EX(CMD_lockmarks, "lockmarks", ex_wrongmodifier,

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