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Image popup directive for angular2
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Angular2 image popup

The sources for this package are in ( repo. Please file issues and pull requests against this repo.

Demo Output

angular2-image-popup popup ##Usage node install npm install angular2-image-popup bower install bower install image-popup ###1.In index.html page include following css ###2.component file use like below import {Component} from '@angular/core'; import {ImageModal} from '../directives/angular2-image-popup/image-modal-popup'; @Component({ selector : 'my-app', directives: [ImageModal], template: `

Example - Default

you can directly access "ImageModel" directive for both listing thumbnails and popup images

        <ImageModal [modalImages]="images"></ImageModal>
        <h2>  Example with thumbnail pointers </h2>
        <p> you can list images in your file and then calling "ImageModel" directive to show images on popup only</p>
        <div *ngFor="let img of images; let i= index"> 
          <div class="float-left" *ngIf="i <= 2" >
            <a class="more" *ngIf="i==2" (click)="OpenImageModel(img.img,images)"> +{{images.length - 3}} more </a> 
            <img class="list-img" src="{{img.thumb}}"(click)="OpenImageModel(img.img,images)" alt='Image' />
        <div *ngIf="openModalWindow">
          <ImageModal [modalImages]="images" [imagePointer] = "imagePointer" (cancelEvent) ="cancelImageModel()"></ImageModal>
  export class AppComponent {
    images = [
      { thumb: './app/assets/images/gallery/thumbs/img1.jpg', img: './app/assets/images/gallery/img1.jpg', description: 'Image 1' },
      { thumb: './app/assets/images/gallery/thumbs/img2.jpg', img: './app/assets/images/gallery/img2.jpg', description: 'Image 2' },
      { thumb: './app/assets/images/gallery/thumbs/img3.jpg', img: './app/assets/images/gallery/img3.jpg', description: 'Image 3' },
      { thumb: './app/assets/images/gallery/thumbs/img4.jpg', img: './app/assets/images/gallery/img4.jpg', description: 'Image 4' },
      { thumb: './app/assets/images/gallery/thumbs/img5.jpg', img: './app/assets/images/gallery/img5.jpg', description: 'Image 5' }
    constructor() {

   OpenImageModel(imageSrc,images) {
     var imageModalPointer;
     for (var i = 0; i < images.length; i++) {
            if (imageSrc === images[i].img) {
              imageModalPointer = i;
     this.openModalWindow = true;
     this.images = images;
     this.imagePointer  = imageModalPointer;
   cancelImageModel() {
     this.openModalWindow = false;
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