A Flask JWT extension that supports refresh tokens, blacklisting/revoking tokens, and token freshness (for accessing critical views)
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When to use Flask-JWT-Extended?

Flask-JWT-Extended not only adds support for using JSON Web Tokens (JWT) to Flask for protecting views, but also many helpful (and optional) features built in to make working with JSON Web Tokens easier. These include:

  • Support for adding custom claims to JSON Web Tokens
  • Custom claims validation on received tokens
  • Creating tokens from complex objects or complex object from received tokens
  • Refresh tokens
  • Token freshness and separate view decorators to only allow fresh tokens
  • Token revoking/blacklisting
  • Storing tokens in cookies and CSRF protection

When not to use Flask-JWT-Extended?

This extension is very opinionated about what claims need to exist in received JWTs to get all these extra features to work. If you are working with other JWT providers, only using Flask for rapid prototyping of your application, or do not care about any of these extra features, Flask-JWT-Simple may be a better fit for your application. It is the sister extension of this one (both maintained by me), which strips all of the extra features and opinionated JWT requirements out.

Upgrading to the 3.x.x releases

See here for help upgrading to the 3.x.x releases.


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We are on irc! You can come chat with us in the #flask-jwt-extended channel on freenode.

Testing and Code Coverage

We require 100% code coverage in our unit tests. You can run the tests locally with tox which will print out a code coverage report. Creating a pull request will run the tests against python 2.7, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, and PyPy.

$ tox

Generating Documentation

You can generate a local copy of the documentation. After installing the requirements, go to the docs directory and run:

$ make clean && make html