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builds the vimeo/graphite-api-influxdb docker image, with graphite-api and graphite-influxdb using baseimage-docker which means you effectively get a full working linux system with an init system, logging, etc. So you can login if anything goes wrong.


  • install docker on your system
  • make a new directory and put your own Dockerfile in it, it looks like so:
FROM vimeo/graphite-api-influxdb
docker build .
  • run !
docker run -p 8000:8000 <image-id>

If you want, you can build with a name and run the container with this name:

docker build . -t <name>
docker run -p 8000:8000 <name> 

logging in to the container

See container admininstration

http 500 errors

on /render calls, you might get http 500 responses. unfortunately we can't simply log yet what happend (i.e. which exception) or display the errors in the http response. see but you can make a free account on and use that, it works nicely. You can also try this patch for graphite-api It works for some people (including yours truly)

Gunicorn not starting?

This shouldn't happen to you as an end user, but may happen if you're tweaking this image. Try running in debug/standalone mode by running this script: