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Vimeo Depth Viewer

A GIF of the depth viewer application

PRs Welcome

An OpenGL application for viewing depth and color video streams from Intel RealSense cameras (D415/D435).

This repository consists of tools and demos presented at the Volumetric Filmmaking meetup at NYC.
Watch the live-stream from the meetup or checkout the WebVR examples.

Looking for a simpler solution that doesn't require code? head over to Depthkit to learn more, our WebVR examples fully support it

  1. Quick-start
  2. Features
  3. Build from source
  4. Dependencies
  5. License


Make you get either the Intel RealSense D415/D435. We peronsally prefered working with the D415, as it proved more reliable, but both work with this software. To quickly get started, download a pre-built release of the depth-viewer from here or build it from source. Once you have a binary launch it by double clicking it or calling ./VimeoDepthViewer from the folder and you should be good to go.


  • An easy to use interface based on nanogui.
  • Depth clipping for easy background removal.
  • Seprate stream view and monitor window for capturing and live streaming a full window using OBS
  • Depth filtering (decimation, spatial and temporal filters)
  • Fully git submodules and CMake for easy set up

Build from source

All 3rd party libraries used are included as git submodules to ease the setup and development process, it should be easy to clone using the --recursive flag and build everything from source.

  1. Make sure you have CMake installed, for macOS, install Homebrew and run
brew install cmake
  1. Clone the repository including all the submodules:
git clone --recursive
  1. Go inside the folder and create a build folder by running cd vimeo-depth-viewer && mkdir build
  2. Run CMake by calling cmake ../ from the build folder
  3. Run make to build an executable
  4. Run the executable by running ./VimeoDepthViewer

Tested on macOS v10.13.4 & CMake v3.11.4


  1. GLFW
  2. nanogui
  3. Eigen
  4. librealsense2


License file could be found here

Questions, help, and support

For questions and support, ask on StackOverflow. If you found a bug, please file a GitHub issue.

Make pull requests, file bug reports, and make feature requests via a GitHub issue.