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Vimeo three.js player

A plugin for streaming video from Vimeo to WebGL/VR/AR apps

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Basic Shapes 360 WebVR Play an album 2.5D Play volumetric video


📼 Streaming video made simple: The plugin lets you stream video hosted on Vimeo directly to your WebGL app

🏋🏿‍ Let us do the heavy lifting: stream multiple resolutions including adaptive video on supported platforms for best performance and video quality

📱 Works everywhere: works on phones, tablets, laptops, computers, VR headsets and even underwater


To start playing and streaming video now, remix the Glitch example:

Glitch remix badge

The first step is to generate your own Vimeo API token. Generate the token, and then copy it and paste it into the .env in Glitch.

Almost done, go to the basic example under examples/basic.html and change the video id in line 77 to your Vimeo video id. It should look like

    vimeoPlayer = new Vimeo.Player(vimeo_video_id, { autoplay: false });

Try our other examples or head to our getting started guide to learn more

Streaming Vimeo videos requires video file access via the Vimeo API. Accessing video files is limited to Vimeo Pro and Business customers.


For questions and support, ask on StackOverflow


Get involved! Check out the Setting up the development environment guide for how to get started.


This software is free software and is distributed under an MIT License.