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VimOutliner README file


VimOutliner is an outline processor with many of the same features
as Grandview, More, Thinktank, Ecco, etc. Features include tree
expand/collapse, tree promotion/demotion, level sensitive colors,
interoutline linking, and body text.

What sets VimOutliner apart from the rest is that it's been constructed
from the ground up for fast and easy authoring.  Keystrokes are quick and
easy, especially for someone knowing the Vim editor. VimOutliner can be
used without the mouse (but is supported to the extent that Vim supports
the mouse). 

Many of the VimOutliner commands start with a double comma ",," because
that's very quick to type. All VimOutliner files have the ".otl"
extension. For help on VimOutliner type ":h vo". For an overview of
all the most important VimOutliner commands you can type ":h vo_cheatsheet"
when you have opened an otl file.

* Usage

VimOutliner has been reported to help with the following tasks:

    - Project management
    - Password wallet
    - To-do lists
    - Account and cash book
    - 'Plot device' for writing novels
    - Inventory control
    - Hierarchical database
    - Web site management

* Characteristics

    - Fast and effective
    - Fully integrated with Vim
    - Extensible through plugins
    - Many post-processing scripts  allow exporting to multiple formats
    - Extensive documentation

For more information on the use of VimOutliner see the README.detailed
file in this directory.

Installation details

1. Zip file

To install from the zip file do the following (exchange "x" with
version number from the package you have downloaded):

$ unzip $ cd vimoutliner-0.3.x $ sh

2. Gzip archive

To install from the gzip archive follow these steps:

$ tar -xzvf vimoutliner-0.3.x.tgz $ cd vimoutliner-0.3.x $ sh

3. Vimball

Installing from the vimball archive does not require of external
utilities, just open vimoutliner-0.3.x.vba with Vim and type the following
command to install in your home vim folder:

:so %

If you want to install the package in another folder use the following command:

:UseVimball path/to/folder

NOTE: If you install from a vimball archive you need to set the executable
permissions for the scripts in ~/vim/vimoutliner/script (like chmod +x
<script> in Linux/Mac OS X).


gzip and vimball archives are available here:

Download of all packages can also be done from the Freshmeat site:

For more detailed installation instructions see the INSTALL file in
this directory.

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