is filled with spam #36

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At least the link to it should be removed from the github page.


mcepl commented Mar 6, 2014

It is a pitty, but you are probably right. Fixed.

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jostber commented Mar 6, 2014

On 06.03.14,04:27, Roman Cheplyaka wrote:

At least the link to it should be removed from the github page.

Can you find a link to this at the vimoutliner github page? See also!searchin/vimoutliner/Noel/vimoutliner/_yiNg0-wW5A/9snIolDZVJcJ

Matej: $Did you hear anymore on the plans for from Noel?


I've just installed vimoutliner and came across an old Google Groups discussion about the domain having been grabbed by spammers. I just noticed that it currently seems to be unregistered, so if you're still planning on grabbing it then this might be the moment.


mcepl commented Dec 21, 2016

Taken on 2016-12-20T14:30:18Z by Cyrus the Great, LLC ( :(


noelhenson commented Dec 21, 2016

Sorry... I was tempted to snap it up when I saw it. I knew domain front running was a problem, but that's ridiculous. Someone set a calendar for this time next year, and make sure not to do a WHOIS query until the last minute!

Small comfort that it's cost the horrible company a little droplet of revenue to register it.

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