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<!DOCTYPE html>
<title> myTix: Find your tickets, faster.
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<h1> Find your tickets faster from your email. </h1>
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<h1> Add your tickets for events easily to your calendar. </h1>
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<h2> How It Works... </h2>
<div id = "step_1" class="how_it_works">
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<h4> 1. Sign up for myTix, and link your Google account (if you don't have one sign up <a href = >here </a>)</h4>
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<h4> 2. myTix will automatically go through your email and add your events (concerts, movie tickets, flights) to your calendar and link you to your tickets in the email. </h4>
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<h4> 3. Access your tickets, dates, and venues anytime by logging into your Google Calendar- automatically updated by us! </h4>
<div id = "footer">
<h4> What are you waiting for? Join the _____ people using myTix now! </h4>