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Scrape Wikipedia for visa requirements
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Visa Requirements Wikipedia Scraper

Scrapes the visa requirements for citizens of all countries and creates arrays of countries for each visa type. This data is used by Nomad Couple -

Visa types

  • required: Visa required
  • not-required: Visa not required for a certain period, or freedom of movement
  • evisa: Electronic visa/Online visa/ETA
  • on-arrival: Visa on arrival
  • refused: Admission refused/Travel banned
  • unknown: Visa status could not be parsed by this scraper


Scraping the Visa requirements for Polish citizens Wikipedia page creates dist/output/poland.json with the JSON in the following format. (Countries that have a visa note available on Wikipedia may have a "note" property)

    "required": [
        "name": "Afghanistan"
        "name": "Algeria"
    "not-required": [
        "name": "Albania",
        "note": "90 days; ID card valid"
        "name": "Andorra",
        "note": "ID card valid"
    "evisa": [
        "name": "Australia",
        "note": "90 days on each visit in 12-month period if granted"
        "name": "Ivory Coast",
        "note": "3 months; eVisa holders must arrive via Port Bouet Airport."
    "on-arrival": [
        "name": "Bahrain",
        "note": "14 days. Visa is also obtainable online."
        "name": "Bangladesh",
        "note": "30 days"
    "refused": [],
    "unknown": []


npm run scrape


MIT Licence

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