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tracker_packer (tp)

tp is a dead simple command-line utility for importing story templates into Pivotal Tracker to save precious time on your agile project. I mean, think of the velocity for heaven's sake!


tp template_file.yml

will create stories in the project with ID of 123 based on the yaml template file provided. Upon completion, the newly created story IDs are displayed as output.

Sample yaml template file:

:token: <my_secret_api_token>
:project: 123
  -  :current_state: unstarted
     :name: Provision server
     :story_type: chore
  -  :current_state: unstarted
     :name: Set up git repo
     :story_type: chore
  -  :current_state: unstarted
     :name: Set up DNS
     :story_type: chore
     :description: find out from client what they want to call their site

Really the only thing you need to provide is a story name. You can further customize and tailor your stories (or chores) by setting the desired attributes. See the PT API docs for more info.

tp owes its simplicity to the wonderful pivotal-tracker gem.

In fact, there's nothing more to tp than slurping in yaml, looping and creating stories. This gem is overkill.

Getting Started

  • Installing:

    gem install tracker_packer

  • Retrieving API token:


Additional Information