Plugin for Gedit that allows you to find text in documents similar to TextMate's Find in Project
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March 18, 2009:

This plugin was written by Vince Wadhwani <> based largely on code from by Mike Doty <>. The original Find in Documents plugin is Copyright (C) 2007 Mike Doty. Parts of this code were also taken from the SnapOpen plugin which is Copyright (C) 2006 Mads Buus Jensen <>.

Contributors: Special thanks to Matthew Turney (, Jeff Stieler (

Requirements: Gedit (of course) and the File Browser Pane plugin must be enabled.  

Installation: Copy the files to ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins.  For a speed boost, also install ack (on Ubuntu this is done with "apt-get install ack-grep"). Note that if your distro's ack command is not 'ack-grep' you will need to modify the code around lines 188 in 

Usage: In the sidepane, use the file browser plugin to open to the root of your application.  Click the FindinDocuments tab and enter a value to search by.  Click search and hopefully watch the results roll in..

The earlier Find in Documents plugin required that you have the document open in gedit.  This version allows you to search within any document in the root of the filebrowser pane (given the above limitations) If the previous behavior is preferable, please see download the original plugin from

Release notes:
March 23, 2010
  *.  Updated README to reflect fixed bug from Jeff Stieler. Slight clarification to installation instructions.

March 22, 2010
  *.  Files in search results wouldn't open if you didn't already have a file 
with a valid URI open, due to not checking for a valid URI when iterating 
open documents. (from Jeff Stieler)

March 18, 2010
  *. Use relative path instead of just filename (Matthew Turney)
  *. Fixed issue where case sensitive option did the opposite

 November 20, 2009
  *. Support for ack!  Ack is about 4x faster than grep for the purpose we need.  Make sure you have ack-grep installed (sudo apt-get install ack-grep).  This plugin will gracefully degrade to using grep if you don't have ack installed.  Note that the plugin expects ack-grep to work so if you are on a non-debian distribution you may have to create a symlink between ack-grep and your ack command. (ack is a kanji translation program in Debian/Ubuntu)

 June 26, 2009: 
  *. now supports special characters in search. e.g. You can now search for "<%= link_to" instead of just "link_to"
  *. ignore comments checkbox will also ignore lines that start with "<!--" and "/*" for html and css respectively

--Vince Wadhwani