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Supplementary programming tutorial for visual and kinesthetic learner.
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⚠️ This repo has been moved to the CodingBridge organization.

Welcome to CodingBridge!

CodingBridge is an experimental non-profit programming tutorial platform that helps adult beginners with no programming experience to learn with less anxiety, more confidence. The goal here is to design curriculums for people who are not good at math, science or computation in conventional education system.

To achieve the goal, CodingBridge has one core fundamental value: design everything with empathetic approach. This value owns highest priority above all tasks, keeping CodingBridge always on the track of providing better learning experience for beginners.

Why another tutorial platform?

The rapid development of computational technology is pushing more designers, artists and creative workers to learn programming in recent years. For creatives who owns both logical and artistic brain powers, learning to code is not a big issue. But for right-brained talents without confidence on left-brain performance, the process of learning programming would cause lots of pain.

Though most existing online programming tutorial platforms are teaching excellent lectures, few of which are fully friendly for creative talents. CodingBridge is here as a supplementary resource to help beginners understand concepts from right-brain perspective, and not a replacement of existing tutorial platforms.

Who need this?

CodingBridge is designed for designers, artists, creative workers or anyone who has gained no confidence at math, science or computation in conventional education system to learn programming.

About CodingBridge and ITP at NYU

This is an ongoing final project launched in Open Source Studio at ITP, 2018. The initial stage of the project will be designed as a supplementary learning resource to the syllabus of Foundation Course ICM at ITP.

The development process is currently documented in Medium post CodingBridge: Documentation of development in progress.

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