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A repository of CSS themes for Harmony

Documentation for creating themes is available here.

Install a theme

Auto-install: Open Harmony's settings, and simply copy-paste the raw .css file url in Harmony then hit install. For example https://raw.githubusercontent.com/vincelwt/harmony-themes/master/dark.css

Manual install: Simply put the .css in:

  • %APPDATA%/Harmony/Themes/ on Windows
  • ~/.config/Harmony/Themes/ on Linux
  • ~/Library/Application Support/Harmony/Themes/ on macOS

To use the theme you have to select it in Harmony's settings.

Submit a theme

Feel free to submit your themes as pull-requests.

I recommend you to use dark.css as a base to create your theme.

You can use the developer tools to help make your theme, enable it with Ctrl+Alt+i .

Please avoid the use of !important

Need help building a theme? I'll help you vince@getharmony.xyz

I might directly integrate themes of this repository in Harmony in future releases.