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A gnome-shell extension which features a panel to view live-previews of a selected workspace's windows.
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Workspace Monitor

A panel to view live-previews of a selected workspace's windows, and more.

Features / options

  • Displays all the windows of a selected workspace.
  • Go to the window, on click.
  • Option in extension's preferences to adjust the maximum size of the panel.
  • Option in extension's preferences to select the display mode:
    • Overlay mode: the panel will overlay above other windows of the active workspace,
    • Dock mode: the panel will reserve space (as the gnome shell's top bar does).
  • Switch of workspace with mouse wheel when hovering the panel (optional)
  • Keyboard shortcut to show / hide the panel (shortcut can be changed in prefs)
  • Option to always show the active workspace (turns the workspace monitor to work like a classic window list)
  • Display the window's application icon on top of its thumbnail (optional)
  • Add a dim effect to highlight the focused window (optional)
  • Option to select how the monitor behaves:
    • displays all the windows of the selected workspace,
    • or reverse: show all the windows that are not on the selected workspace
  • PT translation, updated FR translation.
  • Compact layout for the window list
  • Add Intellihide when in overlay mode

Use cases

  • You want to have visible windows at all times, but you dont have a dual monitor. This is for you.
  • You want a window list that actually displays the real window, not only an icon and/or a title.

Install from gnome website

Visit Workspace Monitor on Gnome Extensions website

Install from source

First, get your copy of the git repo by running:

git clone git://

Enter the directory and compile:

cd gnome-shell-extensions-workspace-monitor
./ --prefix=/usr

Finally, install as superuser to make a system-wide install:

make install

Alternatively, you can install in your $HOME/.local/ (that is what gnome shell extensions' website does):

make local-install
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