A flexible and crazy fast router solution, for both frontend and backend
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A flexible and crazy fast router solution, internally uses a high performance Radix tree, and it's framework independent, for both frontend and backend.


Best Performance: crazy fast using radix tree lookup instead of regexp match loop

Flexible: suitable for both http framework like express koa even without any framework, or frontend framework like React vue, checkout examples

Param match and wildcard match: support /user/:name parameter pattern and /*site wildcard pattern


npm i flexible-router


Flexrouter has only two API, insert is used to register a route, route is a plain javascript object.

  path: string,
  data: T as any

lookup is used to find a match route giving a path, the result is an plain javascript object as well.

  params: {[name: string]: string},
  data: T as any
// you can use constructor to register route as well
const r = new Flexrouter([
  { path: '/', data: 'Home Page' },
  { path: '/topic/:id', data: 'Topic Page' }

r.lookup('/topic/123') // returns { params: {id: '123'}, data: 'Topic Page' }

That's it.

Support Patterns

  1. static route: /home
  2. param route: /topic/:id
  3. param route with regex: topic/photo-:id(/\\d+/).jpg
  4. wildcard route: /*site


Compared to path-to-regexp, it has a similar performance result when there're 20 routes. When increase route to 2401, the performance result:

path-to-regexp#home x 4,247 ops/sec ±1.82% (83 runs sampled)
flexrouter#home x 4,856,189 ops/sec ±0.71% (88 runs sampled)
path-to-regexp#topic-detail x 4,247 ops/sec ±1.33% (86 runs sampled)
flexrouter#topic-detail x 1,254,182 ops/sec ±0.82% (88 runs sampled)

Checkout the benchmark code.


Inspired by httprouter https://github.com/julienschmidt/httprouter and find-my-way https://github.com/delvedor/find-my-way